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Tips For Furniture Home Decoration

Published at 01/25/2012 20:14:15


When it comes to furniture home decorating can be expensive, time consuming and stressful. It doesn’t have to be. Redesigning your home is an exciting and fun activity. It only happens once in a while so enjoy it. Discover new colors, innovative designs and get a fresh perspective on style elements. When shopping for furniture home decorating can be fun by following a few simple tips.

Step 1

Figure the room dimensions. Arranging furniture home decorating themes successfully depends solely on dimensions and measurements. Invest in a high quality tape measure to get exact measurements of the room you will be placing the furniture in. It is just as important to measure doorways and any egress as well as the room’s interior. Nothing is worse than purchasing a gorgeous furniture home piece and it be too big to fit through the door. If you’re in a pinch, measure the room’s footage by placing one foot heel-to-toe in front of the other and counting footsteps. This will give you a basic estimate of the footage in the room.

Step 2

Incorporate different styles and sizes of furniture home decorating pieces in one room. Many people are under the impression that the furniture home owners choose must be of the same style, color and material. Not true! A bright red chair with a high back makes a striking addition to a room full of overstuffed beige furniture. Large, cushioned furniture pieces are complimented by smaller, edgier end tables and accent pieces.

Step 3

Consider arranging pieces in a stair step fashion or in descending order. Scale also comes into play if you have furniture home decorations in a room that is too small. A home with low ceilings should not have large, voluminous furniture. Alternately, a home with high, vaulted ceilings craves big, spacious furniture home pieces.

Step 4

Keep furniture home décor balanced and symmetrical. If a room’s furnishings are unbalanced it gives off an uncomfortable feeling, a feeling of discord and discontent. Use asymmetry only to create spaces of excitement and energy. Place three or four candles of varying lengths on an end table as an eye catching centerpiece.

Step 5

Get a little unconventional. Furniture home pieces don’t have to be lined against the walls. Consider placing the couch and loveseat or chair in the center of the room or to one side. Use the freed up space in the room as a reading or craft area. Determine the room’s focal point and work around it. If it is a fireplace or a bay window as a focal point will make huge differences in furniture home placement and choices. . Using accent pieces like mirrors and fountains make interesting focal points and also give a calming feeling to the whole room.
The best tip of all for furniture home decoration is to incorporate all the tips above. Take the opportunity to give your whole a lift, a change, an overhaul – a fresh start. Take chances and go with colors and themes that you normally wouldn’t but that appeal to you


Do some reading on Fung Shui and how it can effect your design choices before getting started.

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