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A vacant wall makes your whole room empty. There are number of things you can do on your own with wall decor home to make your room beautiful. Wall decor home silently announces your creativity, taste, personality and richness of mind, makes your home expressive and meaningful. You can start your wall decor with adhesive wall decorations, family photographs, vintage advertising, paintings, ceramics, what not.

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Here are Few Tips for Your Wall Décor Home

A blank wall can serve well as a canvas of personal expression. You can make the space alive with proper decoration with your own creativity, taste and personality. If you want to add some character to your rooms add some wall décor home to relieve it from the monotony of blankness. Here are some ideas to add life to your home. Different walls speak differently of own homeowner.

Add texture to the walls. This is the simplest way, many beautiful designs of wall papers are available that have textures—some has a raised design or linen or bamboo look, or straw papers. You may consult any avant garde decorators or online support for new ideas.

Create a mural that goes well with the style and temperament of your life style. Murals are paintings that can be customized as per every need and size. You can buy from any of the shops around or may try on your own with few simple basic skills.

When you are going for wall decor home hang the largest object at first, then working from there on placing smaller objects one after another.

You can use a frame if you have many drawings or photographs to hang.

You can hang nice porcelain plates of similar and different shapes and sizes on the wall. Try to hang them in an abstract pattern, they brighten up the wall.

Decorating the walls with stencils with matching colors is also a good idea if they go consistently with the character of the room.

Uneven number of objects or photo frames on the wall is a good idea than even number of objects.

A hanging light with matching color and mood gives a complete touch.

A wall of mirrors, other than wall mirrors, covering the whole or as much as it looks good in frame and pattern, is one of the great contemporary idea. A framed wall mirror if can be matched with the ceiling properly, completes all wall decor home ideas.

Painting is another inexpensive way to change the look as it adds some character of your home. You can paint your home in many ways; add narrow or wide stripes, horizontal or vertical to give a look of wall paper, color each walls of the room with different shades.


Great wall décor home ideas are not always very complicated, they are often very simple if you have some original innovative ideas of own. Even if you have none, you need not worry; there are many sites online where you can see many wall decor ideas with text and photographs. I am sure you will come out with many if you search once.

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