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What Are The Universities Medical Facilities Available Inside The Campus


Students looking to get into universities should always take a look at each and every aspect of the university that they are trying to get into. Things like the quality of the medical services inside the campus can mean life and death in certain situations, so it's always best to do research on the quality of the health services being offered inside the campus before deciding to enroll. Even the institutes themselves forget to mention their medical facilities, often focusing on their academic and sports facilities. Some may even overcharge for their universities medical facilities.

What To Look Out For

Very often, students overlook things like the proximity of the universities medical facilities to their residential facilities. Most big universities require their freshmen to stay on campus for the first year before letting them move away to their own accommodations, so it's best for students to make the best use of the medical facilities that they are offered on campus. Usually, big universities will have facilities like dentistry clinics, pharmaceutical facilities, general hospitals, nutritionists, psychiatric clinics and veterinary clinics that everyone on campus will have access to. These centers are operated by campus residents like the medical students, practitioners, interns, faculty members and staff specially hired for these centers.

Students should look into the extent of the medical coverage that they can get from these facilities when they are on campus so that they stop paying extra for the basic facilities that they should have a right to. They can get free medical consultations and guidance from these facilities. There are also good support services for students who want to free themselves of alcohol and tobacco addiction or other similar addictions. Some universities medical centers, like the California State University, even provide child support services so that their students can attend classes regularly and concentrate on their academic activities.

Sexual health awareness workshops and testing for various ailments like HIV and cancer are common among many of the institutes. Students can expect great univiersities medical services from universities medical centers that have their own medical schools.

Help For The Disabled

There are special services and programs in many well run universities medical centers to meet the specific needs of students with disabilities by providing them with readers, test proctors, note takers and special amenities. These services may help disabled students overcome their problems and concentrate on their studies and may even extend to improving their physical condition. Federal law and legislation makes it almost mandatory for institutes to help the disabled.

The Verdict

Most universities usually give a brief outline of their medical facilities on their websites where prospective students can usually look up the facilities that they need the most. Also, when going on a campus tour, one should check up on the real facilities that are being offered. Many magazines and websites also have a ranking index of the universities considering their medical facilities. If you are unsure of the medical facilities that your future college or university have on campus, you can always check up on them using those rankings or contact the government authorities to inquire about them. It is always best to choose your future university after doing a thorough check up on everything.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 01/23/2012
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