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The Reagan national airport is located across the Potomac River in the county’s capital city, Washington D.C. It is in the State of Virginia and only 3 miles away from the aristocratic central business district o the political capital. The Reagan national; airport offers a beautiful view, being so close to the river and many travelers take photos to remind them of their travels. You can access the airport via air, road and rail through the Metrorail system that stops at the terminal B/C. This airport has a turnover of 20 million passengers annually and even this has been minimized greatly due to the fact that their runways are mid- sized and cannot handle very large carriers.


The Reagan national airport started out as two small terminals that were later merged to form the Washington Hoover airport. One of the original runways intersected a local street and guards had to stop traffic to allow planes to take off and land. The Reagan national airport underwent several expansions and renovations over the years to accommodate growing traffic, developments in the aviation industry, introduction of larger carriers and a serious growth of population. Being located in the country’s political hot seat and with the elite number of politicians and king makers in the city, the airport had to grow and accommodate these dynamic demands. It was renamed from Washington National Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in 1998 to honor the former president on his 87th birthday.


Due too its proximity to key high security installations, the Reagan national airport, has a high level security system that conforms to standards set by the Washington air defense identification zone. Some sections of its surrounding air space are prohibited and this guides he way flights take off and land if using the northern end. It also has perimeter restrictions and does not allow non stop flights from far cities. The Reagan national airport has large public parking available that can accommodate 9000 cars at a time. They are divided into hourly and daily parking zones and courtesy shuttles are provided to the terminals from the economy lot. The Reagan national airport has over 100 shops where travelers can shop from ands the restaurants offer a variety of well made local, exotic and international cuisine. Shopping and dining here is a beautiful experience. There are also car hire companies on the terminals in case one does not want to be driven. Other transport options are taxis, buses, shuttles and limousines depending on one’s taste, preference and pocket.

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The Reagan national airport is busy airport that connects thousands of passengers to their destinations as well as handling a large volume of cargo to and from all over the world. The number of dignitaries who pass through its doors is amazing and on is left staring all the time. There are numerous customer care desks in the Reagan national airport to help passengers and to ensure that their passage through the place is as smooth as possible.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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