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Tips For Airport Security

Published at 02/29/2012 21:35:06


Travelling is stressful enough without having to worry about all the new rules and regulations for airport security. Not to mention the stress of just waiting in security lines with hundreds of others, urging things to speed up so you do not miss your flight. Aside from making sure you leave for the airport in plenty of time, there are a few little things that can have you flying through security and onto the plane smoothly and quickly.

Before leaving your home

The time to start preparing for airport security is before you even leave your home. How you pack and what you bring along will all affect how smoothly things go at the airport and whether you actually make your flight.

Before doing anything, check the airline website for a list of permitted and prohibited items list. Do not assume that what you are packing is permitted and harmless; new regulations can make things confusing.

Pack your bags in layers. Layer clothing neatly and arrange any extras in the bag, such as hairdryers and electrical appliances, together. Do not just throw your stuff in a bag and head out the door. Layering things neatly will help airport security go through your pack quickly if you are stopped for a luggage check.

If you must take gifts with you, remember to leave them unwrapped. They may need to be unwrapped for security reasons at the airport, so save time and money by leaving them unwrapped or send them through regular mail before you leave.

Wear appropriate clothing and slip on shoes. Getting through security checkpoint can go quickly if you help, slip on shoes are easy to get on and off, getting you through security fast. In addition, avoid wearing jewelry or clothing with a lot of metal pieces on it as it will slow you down through security.

At the airport

The TSA recommends keeping your boarding pass and a legal ID always on hand until you get through security. Acceptable identification is a passport, drivers license, military ID or other government-issued photo ID.

Bring a large plastic bag with you to place personal items in for screening at the airport. Mobile phones, keys, money clips, loose change, jewelry, metal hair clips and even large belt buckles will set off the metal detector, but placing all of this in a plastic bag beforehand will allow you to sail through security quickly.

Take off and put outer coats in your carryon bag or checked luggage. This will save you a lot of time at security checkpoint.

Tips and comments

Getting through airport security can be a nightmare for anyone when battling long lines and short departure times. But the number one thing that can really help is being nice.

The nicer you are, the faster you will get through security.

  • Do not threaten security or any agents.
  • Do not make terrorist jokes or joke about bombs.
  • Do not get physical with anyone, including other passengers. That is the fastest way to end up detained, possibly missing your flight.



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