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Guide To Trips in a Car

Published at 03/07/2012 17:01:09


Road trips can be very exciting and memorable experiences. For some people they are downright romantic. Here is a short guide to trips by road.

Step 1

Make sure you take everything you want. Trips to be fun require a minimum amount of background work. Only the most rugged and carefree souls can do without planning and just jumping into the car and driving off. Planning is especially necessary to trips for the whole family, where the children, and maybe even the pet are coming along.
Another part of planning is to avoid trouble spots. It does no favour to trips to get stuck in the rush – you want to be driving, not sitting in a car for hours, waiting for the road to clear up. Choose convenient hours to cross such places.

Step 2

Divide work amongst all your companions – the secret to trips everyone enjoys is to let everybody do the work they are good at. Some are good with driving, others with navigation, others with planning and keeping track of details that others might forget to check up on (say, the weather!).

Step 3

Clean your car well before the trip, and also during the trip. Trips to places which are rather far away will drive you mad if you let junk food wrappers, receipts, empty cans and other things litter your car – the dashboard will overflow with bills and receipts, and the crumpled chips will get on to your luggage. It is best to take time every couple of days to clean the car well. Stop being lazy, and clean regularly to avoid trouble later!

Step 4

Find a good road map and stick to the roads it recommends. Road trips to see the scenic parts of the country are popular, especially if you have plenty of time on hand. However, there are roads which don't provide much that way, and the easiest method to avoid them is to check road maps and to do a bit of research online. You could also ask family and friends who like to travel or are from a certain part of he country to help you plan better. So if you plan to go leisurely, take your time and wander a bit, make sure you wander along a rewarding road!

Step 5

A phone card is a necessity when it comes to trips by car. Whether it be to keep in touch with the folks back home, or to call up friends in small towns along the way, your phone network signal can give you the slip in sparsely populated, remote areas. A phone card will help you in such situations, supplementing your regular cell phone.

Step 6

Take along your documents and ensure they are in good order. There are few worse things that can happen to trips than your car being impounded for any reason. Before you set out on a trip, take along your most recent documents and clear up any old tickets you may have gotten for parking violations or for traffic violations etc.

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