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How To Trip a Clown

Published at 03/20/2012 16:17:49


For everyone that didn’t know so far, there is a clown trip that is made yearly in Russia and in other parts of the world. Not being taken literally, to trip a clown has a deeper meaning than anyone you might think of. There is the Gesundheit Institute that is well known for its trip a clown action. Its reasons of existence that lye at its grounds are: humanitarian aid, community acknowledgment as well as global community development. Not being selected randomly, the name has a literate meaning; that is to say, people actually dress or costume themselves in clowns, or just put a clown nose, in order to bring joy, foster mental health or fight daily injustice in a fun way.

They are actually medical projects that help people acknowledge the fact that the health of the individual is bound to the health of the others around him, not just the family, but the whole community. The most important thing in the outcome of the project it develops is the fact that humans must stick together in times of war, poverty and sickness. This is an issue that few of us admit or want to take into consideration as individualism but it is more and more present in our lives.

Step 1

1. How does a trip a clown works? Trip a clown is by far an easy thing to do, as you have to be not only good hearted and have good intentions for people in need, but as well to be able to organize and to make the others feel like you do. Here are some tips in how to trip a clown.

Step 2

2. First of all one must select the country to go to – for this you should select from those countries that are mostly in need, the one that is almost on the edge. For example, this year it started on 19th of March and it takes place in Ecuador.

Step 3

3. Then, selecting the place to trip a clown, you may want to start by gathering a bigger team for the project. Having already the team formed, you can move on to the next step.

Step 4

4. Therefore, you need to decide altogether, the focusing point of your clown trip – decide on the places that you aim at – hospitals, clinics or poor little towns. Having those places in mind, see if they are receptive to your movement, and continue to trip a clown with deciding on the practical workshops to do, the strategy that you want to apply and what you want the final outcome to be in the end.

Step 5

5. Having the workshops themes decided, you must delegate a person for each trip a clown workshop. Therefore, each will be able to organize the workshop better. Last but not least, each trip a clown accepts people willing to be helpful, for those in needs. Therefore, the organizing committee should decide on a needing budge – travel costs, food costs, lodging costs, logistics costs, and then invite all those that want, to sign in and join them to a good cause.


Each year, there have been organized different clown trips, in countries such as Russia, Italy, Peru, Ecuador etc. and their number will grow in time.


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