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Published at 03/08/2012 15:51:26


Many people love going for trips to take a break from their droning routines but the tragedy for many is that they don’t have enough time to spare for long trips. In order to make touring a possibility in such cases the concept of short trips day has been introduced for the majority who can’t take time out for a long weekend. We will be exploring places to visit in Rome for short trips day.


The Roman history can be dated almost 2800 years of the existence of a city that grew from a small Italian village in the 9th century BC into the centre of a vast civilization that dominated the Mediterranean region for centuries. It is one of the oldest named cities in the world. The political power of the place was replaced by that of peoples of mostly Germanic origin, marking the start of the middle ages. Rome became the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and home of a sovereign state of the Vatican City. It is capital of Italy today an international worldwide political and cultural center a major global city. It is well-known as one of the most ancient beautiful cities of the world. According to archeological evidence the place of Rome has been inhabited for more than 14,000 years. The dominant in Italy became the Etruscans after 650 BC. The tradition of Rome claims that it had been under control of seven kings from 753 to 509 BC beginning with the Mythic Romulus who along with his brother Remus was said to have founded the city of Rome.


The best places for trips day when visiting Rome, Italy can be explored by following the example of emperors and popes. Trips day to Ostia Antica sited to the east of Rome also known as “Pompeii of Rome” had been significant when the course of the Tiber River flowed from here. Travelers exploring this place can gain insight into the ancient times by exploring the excavations and accompanying museum. The places worth exploring here include Mosaic floors with Neptune and the sea Goddess Amphitrite at the Terme di Nattuna (Baths of Neptune). Trips day from Rome to Tivoli is worth journeying. This place was used as an escape from misery and heat in summers. This place has large palaces and villas but it was abandoned by the middle ages. The area today is beautiful and vibrant with many scenic beauties and cascading waterfalls. The temple of Vesta and the ruins of the sanctuary of the sibyl are the two jewels remaining in this area. The journey that visitors make from Rome is to see Villa Adriana or the Villa d’Este’s fabled gardens. Trip days can be made much more memorable with Villa Adriana which is the villa of one of the most accomplished of the Ancient Roman emperors. His villa was a masterpiece created by local artisans who included ideas from Hadrian’s world travels. Trips day in Rome isn’t complete without a trip to Castelli Romani which is a place full of charming towns and villages scattered throughout the Alban hills. These charming towns today are surrounded by olive groves, woods full of chestnut trees and lovely vineyards.

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Trips day can’t be the same in any part of the world as they are in Rome. If you have enough time to visit more places don’t forget to visit Villa d’Este.