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Published at 03/20/2012 15:26:32


My Americans fellow considers it crazy to Traveling all around the world twice. I planned my trip with my family to travel around in U.S. and to spend a few hours in Tijuana, Mexico. But I was unable to start my trip because I have to spend my junior year of college studying in Newcastle, England. England acts like a turning point for me. I learned their how other people live and discovered many new things that were better than the U.S. and many things that were worse than U.S as I always thought there was not batter place then U.S. I met many new people who have their own different viewpoints. I lived their without a phone or a television.


While I was studying in England I was easily able to travel around Europe and then I got opportunity to know Europe as well. I got a really big time free during my three-week winter break. Then i had planned for traveling with a few other Americans friends from the University of Illinois. That day i overslept and missed the train that was the first incident in my trip and even at starting. I tried hard and took the very next train to London and then i had to wait at Dover until 4am but there were no chance for any train so I took the ferry across the channel just before dawn. When I reached Paris I spent three days of my trip in search for my friends before that I was all was all alone there. Then I decided to change my plan and not to ruin my trip in search of my friends and then i saw the places I wanted to see and took my good time to draw and wander around Europe. In fact missing the very first train was the best ever thing that ever happened to me.


In this whole year I travel a long way across the UK, Ireland and most of Europe. Sometimes I get opportunity to travel with my friends, but most of the time I traveled alone as it is the best thing for me. As a result at the end of this year it was getting very difficult for me to go back to school in rural Illinois after the amazing trip of wonderful areas. After completing my graduation I traveled around Scandinavia and Baltic Europe before getting started with a design agency as a full-time a graphic designer. At that time I was thinking that my time would be limited once I started working in America but I was very lucky because I have an understanding boss who granted me three weeks of vacation a year whereas most of my friends had only one week holidays.

Tips and comments

After getting hired I worked constantly five years and save money, but could only get away for three weeks at a time. Three weeks is a long time for most Americans who routinely don’t get holidays. Three weeks became very limited for me where I could go and what I could see to make my trip one of the most memorable and adventurous.