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A Trip City For a Weekend Getaway

Published at 03/26/2012 10:30:18


There are some cities in the United States which you must absolutely visit. There is so much fun to be had there that you won't be able to soak in all of it in just one weekend, but we promise you will spend a memorable time on your city trip. This article is meant to be a short guide for a city trip you are planning, and will list the top five cities to visit.


New York: No list that purports to help you with making up your mind about a city trip can be complete without the fascinating city of New York. Whether you like art, history, culture or just plain fun and fine cuisine, New York offers it all. The architecture is truly inspiring – think of the Manhattan skyline. You can experience the world's best of everything in New York. There is Manhattan, which will take up all your time if you plan just one weekend city trip! There are four other boroughs to New York as well, and you certainly should not miss out on them.

Boston: With its vibrant, uniquely identifiable neighbourhoods that are steeped in culture and history, Boston deserves to be on this list of places you must make a city trip to. Boston is a study in American history, and walking through it will remind you of your high school history text book. There are fashionable places to visit in Boston, and culture and ethnicity to observe and bask in.

Washington DC: We cannot possible leave out Washington DC when we list places for a city trip. In the spring and summer, especially, when its numerous parks are in bloom and at their best, Washington DC is a treat to the senses – the Dumbarton Oaks garden is one garden you have to visit and cannot leave without seeing. You can visit the White House, and see spectacular, breath-taking views of the city from the top of the Washington Monument. Maryland will offer a lot to curious tourists, and if you love sea-food, Maryland blue crab should be on your list!


Miami: On this city trip, you might just forget that you are in America – it is pretty much like being in Cuba or somewhere in the Caribbean. The Latin American culture is impossible to not enjoy. The beaches, now, are gorgeous and pure white, and you can indulge in a number of seaside recreational activities. The restaurants, bars, party places are all very happening, and you are sure to have a great time when in Miami! You will see people of all ethnicities and the whole city is brimming with colour, art and joy.

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Orlando: Just for Disney World, go for this city trip! It will not be fun only for the children, but adults have plenty to look forward to as well. The underwater theme park is exciting, and Universal Orlando will bring to life everything you have seen in all the movies you love. Golf is another thing that you can enjoy there, and the shopping will be enough to satiate even those who can substitute eating, drinking and breathing with going to a mall!