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Are You Searching For Weight Loss Vacations?

Published at 07/17/2011 02:12:04

 Are you considering a weight loss spa vacation? For those who are looking for help in shedding unwanted pounds and keeping them off, weight loss vacations can be the answer. Many find true success in these vacations - and you might too. Not only in losing initial weight, but also in keeping weight off through a healthy lifestyle change.

But before you sign up with any camp, be sure you take the following steps in order to make certain the camp is the right one for you:

 Step #1

Learn more about the process of the camp, making sure you narrow your choices according to those that provide a healthy, interactive and long-term approach to an improved health.

Step #2

Research the background of the camp, as well as how long it has been in business.

Step #3

Ask the weight loss camp to provide references of former participants.

Step #4

Examine the cost of each camp, paying particular attention to what is offered in relation to the overall cost.

 After completing these four simple steps, you should have a better idea of which weight loss spa vacation is right for you. Take the time required to research the program up front and get the information you need to ensure the camp you select is the right one for you.

If you are still at a loss, keep in mind that the best programs provide a mixture of techniques to participants. Not only does this help participants establish a permanent change in lifestyle that will lead to a lower weight and a healthier lifestyle, it also helps stave off boredom while working various muscle groups. As such, the best weight loss vacations are those that offer a mixture of yoga, hiking and other types of exercise, while also emphasizing healthy eating and a healthy mindset. The key to success is ongoing exercise and a healthy diet.

Tips and comments:

 Look for a spa vacation that provides body/mind fitness classes and teaches the stress reduction techniques you need to stay on track to shed those extra pounds after you return home. With the things you are taught at a reputable camp, combined with your rejuvenated spirit, you will finally be able to lose those unwanted pounds so you can live a happier, healthier life. And with a new lifestyle consisting of proper diet and exercise, you will be able to keep those pounds off too!

Jimmy LeSage, M.S., founded New Life Hiking Spa in 1978. Mr. LeSage has a masters in counseling and serves as a weight loss coach. Over the past three decades, New Life has become one of the most respected and recognized weight loss spas in the country.


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