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The Sky's The Limit During Your Scottsdale Vacations

Published at 07/17/2011 10:38:07

 It's been called "The West's Most Western Town," "The Beverly Hills of the Desert," "America's Best Place to Live for Golf," and "Most Livable City." No matter which accolade is your favorite, it's impossible to deny that Scottsdale is a hot destination in more ways than one. If you've never made your way down to this buzzing Arizona town to check it out for yourself, it might be time to expand your vacation horizons.

Located not too far from Phoenix but with a definite personality of its own, Scottsdale is known for its art galleries, high-end shopping, golf courses and the general sense of being a wonderland for tourists. It's a welcome place for weary travelers, so if you've been having a busy time of it lately and need to be entertained, amused and constantly delighted, then this is surely the place that can live up to the task.

 There are in fact many western-themed events, so if you want to explore your inner cowboy you'll find a way to do it. The huge Arabian Horse Show attracts thousands of equestrian lovers each year, parading hundreds of the finest specimens in the world before wide-eyed audiences. Another huge and historic event is the Scottsdale Jaycees Parada del Sol. This month long festival takes the idea of cowboy/cowgirl lifestyle and runs with it, celebrating the heritage and hardiness of this select brand of folk.

And just to get it out of the way, yes, Scottsdale is indeed a golfer's heaven. Over 200 courses in the area will tempt even the most casual players to come hit a few balls even if it's just to see the beautiful rolling greens and the intriguing designs. Many retirees and golfing fanatics end up moving here just to take advantage of this aspect of the city, so be advised that you could be tempted fall in love and never want to leave.

 Non-golfers will find just as many engaging diversions that will make returning home seem like a drag. If window-shopping or art purchasing count as pleasurable activities on your list, Scottsdale could become your new favorite place for acquiring the perfect accents for your home or your person. There are more art galleries per capita than any other US city, and many specialize in Native American and western-themed works. Several festivals and theatre productions will also ignite your creative side, so don't think this is one of those vacations that requires turning off your brain. As for shopaholics, you'll be overloaded. It might be a challenge not to go overboard as you stroll through the finest designer stores located in over fifteen different malls and gallerias. Two words: be careful.

Multitudes of resorts and spas have cemented Scottsdale's reputation as a truly fine place to achieve a clearer mind and looser body, so your long overdue massage or facial will be taken care of by some of the best-trained and most sought after hands around. Additionally, the weather, particularly in the winter, attracts hordes of travelers looking for a break from the cruel cold experienced elsewhere. It tends to stay around 65 degrees here all winter, allowing outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking, and hot-air ballooning to reign supreme. Nothing beats the feeling of heading south to steal a little bit of warmth in the dead of snow and ice season.

Tips and comments:

From downtown sidewalks to desert trails, you'll surely find that getting to know Scottsdale will be a series of thrills and fond memory-making. To bump this trip up notch (if you can handle it) look into living like one of the many celebrities who enjoy a little Scottsdale from time to time. By going with a Scottsdale Vacation Rental, you'll feel at home without the drawbacks that hotels can sometimes bring. Privacy, space, special amenities and lots of style pretty much sum up the experience that you'll have if you rent a condo, desert villa, cottage or fancy-schmancy home, so take a look online at the hundreds of fabulous options and try one on for size.


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