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Ideas For Spa Birthday Parties In House

Published at 01/17/2012 13:20:46

What is a special birthday party?

Now a days birthday spa parties are so popular. Birthday spa parties can be amazing if you have planned it well in advance. All this, must include invitations, games, decorations, food and drinks, cake, snacks, gift bag favors, and costumes etc. invitations can be sent, and confirmations can be asked for through call-back or emails.

Traditional birthdays go trendy

For a birthday spa at home, you can at the entrance have a reception desk and where guests will arrive and receive their personal treatment schedule. Guests can be divided according different groups, and give each group a name. Each group can be given a different treatment schedule so that nothing clashes with other guests. First the guests can indulge themselves in a couple of activities and then head towards the actual birthday spa parties. You can play a couple of games with your guests. Games like the “stick the cucumbers on the facial lady” can be played. This game is related to spa. In this game, you have to paint up a woman and then blind fold your guests and ask them to put cucumbers on the eyes of the facial lady. Your guests will truly love this game. Now, the guests can be asked to go to different stations that would be set for their spa treatment.

Entertainment and more

Each station can be decorated differently according to the services they would be providing. Stations can have services like the pedicure, manicure, facial etc. According to schedule the guests have got the guests can start with their manicure and pedicure. Good quality products must be used for the above mentioned services. You should be sure about the quality of moisturizer you are using on your guests because the massage is the last part of pedicure and manicure, both, so this something very essential. Nail paints for the women attending a birthday spa parties should be arranged. There must be good shades of brown, pink and red to cater to the color desires of all women guests. Next station can offer the facials to both men and women guests. This station can be set up in one of the bedrooms in the house. Facial should start with cleansing the skin and then toning it up well. The use of a good scrub gel can do wonders, for both men and women. The facial given to your guests must end with a facial mask to relax the guests. By now, you guests would be hungry you must direct them to the food stations. The food stations can serve sea food and different cuisines for all your guests. This station can be set up in the dining and drawing area of your house. Supposedly this station would need maximum space.

Things to focus on

All that needs to be done is contact a good chef to serve good food to your guests at one of your birthday spa parties. Along with food station, there can be stations for shakes and smoothies to relax your guests even more and make them feel luxurious. For return gifts after a birthday spa party, you can give breast cancer awareness bags to the young girls and women, and for men; they can be given good branded perfumes. So what are you waiting? All you have to do is plan well in advance and get things right in place before the big day! Your guests will love it, so get going!


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