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Themes For Spa Birthday Parties

Themes for spa birthday parties

Spa birthday parties are getting very popular nowadays and if you are planning to celebrate your daughter’s birthday, it is the best theme for you. This theme is for all age groups of girls from youngsters to teenagers. If your girl knows about pampering herself and has the idea of make overs and salons, then you can organize this theme for her. Of course, you wouldn’t want a toddler or preschooler to get confused with a spa theme!

Themes of spa birthday parties

Basically, the themes you select for the spa birthday parties depend on the age group of the girl. These spa birthday parties are popular from the age group of 7 to teenagers. Many bridal showers even have a spa theme. There are different themes you can have depending on the age group. If the child is younger and is interested in cartoon characters, you can have a Barbie theme, glitzy girls theme, hello kitty, nail salon, sleepover, etc. ask you daughter which theme she likes and select that theme for decorations, invitations and games.

Invitations of spa birthday parties

You can buy invitation cards or order them to have customized cards which will suit your theme. However, the best spa birthday parties invitation cards are the ones which you make them yourself. It is actually fun to organize the birthday event and make invitations. You can make a purse shaped invitation card which has the guest initial on it. You can make lipstick shaped or any other makeup that is opened to show the party info. If you are having a special theme like Barbie or hello kitty, then the invitations could also include this theme.

Decorations of spa birthday parties

Curling ribbons and balloons are the best decoration items. You can choose pinks and some other glitzy color with it. You can hang the curling ribbon at the door as a makeshift door leading into the fun. Have balloons randomly floating on the ceiling. Make sure to incorporate the colors of the decoration with your theme. If your theme is hello kitty, your colors would be soft and cute like white, pinks and yellows. If your theme is glitzy girls or bratz, your colors would be hot like pinks, lime green and blacks.

You can even buy or rent tableware and china for your party. It should include the colors of your theme.

Activities in spa birthday parties:

There are many activities you can have for a spa themed birthday party. Have makeovers of all the girls using the makeup you already have or buy some other cheap makeup and give them as party favors. You can have an older sibling to do the makeup or if the girls are old enough, have them do it on each other. Have hair accessories, curling iron, rollers, straightening iron and have the girls style their hair. Let them try new hairstyles by watching some videos on the internet. Have someone to do manicures and foot massages (for older girls). For younger girls, you can have someone to paint their nails and do face painting also. 

By Nikky Prasad, published at 01/18/2012
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