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Vitamin Foods For Healthy Skin


As face is the index of the mind, skin is index of the body health. A healthy skin reflects the healthy body. Skin is the major channel that reflects the development of any kind of illness or disorder. For instance, uneven skin tone reflects the sun burns and excessive exposure to sun. Dry lips and dryness of skin reflects fever, etc. Moreover, the remnants of the disease after recovery are left in the skin. Eventually, for maintaining healthy skin, proper diet needs to be adopted. The diet should have nutritious foods rich in vitamins, as vitamins are major nutrients required for skin health. Vitamin foods cater to the need of treating the skin conditions, blemishes and effect of other diseases made on skin towards maintaining the healthy skin.


Are you not interested in boasting a beautiful, flawless and healthy skin? If you are wishing so, just check out the vitamin foods that you need for healthy skin.

Vitamin Foods

Carrots – The major source of vitamin A is carrot. It is one of the top rated vitamin foods as the beautiful vegetable is loaded with lot of beta-carotene and antioxidant. Carrots enable you boast a flawless and nourished skin. It prevents from skin dryness and delays the aging signs. Further, it also prevents free radicals through the anti-oxidant properties. Eating one or two carrots a day gives a glossy and smooth skin.

Citrus fruits (sweet lime, lemon, etc) – Citrus fruits are also termed as vitamin C fruits as these fruits are the richest source of C vitamin foods. C Vitamin foods act as detoxifying agent and clear the impurities in the body, which purifies the skin. Further, these fruits have the ability to treat all types of acne with no traces on the facial skin. These fruits can be taken raw in form of fruits or in form of fresh juice. Taking warm lemon juice everyday with honey in empty stomach flushes out all toxins from the body and enhances the complexion.

Berries – Berries like acai berry, blue berries, black berries, strawberries, etc are also the effective vitamin foods that contain the abundant source of vitamin A and C, which are required for skin health. Berries are the powerful vitamin foods that can treat the skin blemishes and aging signs effectively. Acai berry supplements are found in abundance in the market as this super fruit is available only in the Brazilian forests. Since it is not possible to transport the fresh Acai berries to other countries, Acai berry is available in form of supplements. Similarly, not many people love to eat strawberry fruit at it has a salty and bitter taste. In such case, it is recommended to go for a strawberry milk shake without any added sugar or preservative with skimmed milk.

Nuts – When it comes to treating and fixing the skin damages caused due to excessive sun exposure, nuts play a vital role as nuts are the right source of vitamin E. This vitamin is the most powerful and effective nutrient in fighting against the sun damages and offer protection from UV rays. Almonds, apricots, walnuts, etc are the vitamin foods that are rich in vitamin E.

Tips and comments

Avocado, mango, tomatoes, spinach, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, grapes, etc are also other vitamin foods that cater to develop skin health and healthy skin.

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