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5 Tips For Healthy Skin


Skin is the most sensitive part of the body which reflects both external personality and internal health of an individual. Healthy skin is a mirror which indirectly means the healthy body. Similarly, symptoms of several health conditions are depicted through skin blemishes and skin conditions. The importance provided to enhance the external personality to offer the appealing look should be given to maintain the skin healthy. Getting the healthy skin is not a rocket science. Here are the 5 simple tips to maintain the skin healthy.

Step 1

Know your skin: Not everyone in the world has a same skin type and are exposed to same skin diseases. Skin type varies with each individual and it is majorly classified into oily skin, dry skin and normal skin. To maintain skin healthy, learning about the skin type and requirement of skin is essential. It makes no sense in treating the dry skin with some natural herbs to get rid of extra oiliness in the skin, as it worsens the dryness of skin.

Step 2

Diet: Diet is the major factor that has its direct impact in the skin. Nutritious and balanced diet undoubtedly caters to maintain the skin healthy, as the diet includes the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc which caters the need of nutrients. Fruits and vitamins are the richest source of vitamins, which is essential for skin health. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to get the healthy, glowing and younger skin. Water based fruits and veggies like melons, citrus fruits, tomatoes, cucumber, etc

Step 3

Sun exposure: Sun exposure and sun light is the major factor that determines between the healthy skin and developing skin disorders. Exposure to sun light is essential for proper functioning of the body, which is reflected in skin. Just like eating, drinking and sleeping, exposing to sun light is a habit that should be incorporated in the daily routine. However, overexposure to sun rays causes several damages ranging from sun damages, sun burns, uneven skin tone, darkening of the skin, to sun stroke. Over exposure to sun can be protected with sun screen lotion, proper clothing and sun glasses.

Step 4

Avoid wearing cosmetics: Cosmetics are the major culprit causing damages to the external layers of the skin, which can lead towards permanent blemishes in the skin. Further, it also invites the development of aging signs. Prolonged usage of cosmetics undoubtedly results with clogging the minute pores in the skin, which in turn develops acne. Further, cosmetics make the skin sagged and lose its elasticity. If you are unable to avoid wearing cosmetics, ensure to clear the makeup and cosmetics applied. Similarly, you can choose mineral based makeup or oil based makeup instead of using hazardous cosmetics.

Step 5

Care for your skin: To maintain the skin healthy, you need to provide ultimate care to the skin. Keep yourself neat and clean and take bath regularly. Do not use any harsh soap on your skin; specifically women should use the mild soaps that are not harsh on the skin. Rub the skin gently. Ensure to maintain the natural oiliness in the skin by avoiding bathing with hot water. Similarly, ensure to maintain the moisture level in the skin by taking liquid foods and water.


Spend some time to get your skin healthy.

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