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Businesses use email as an additional tool to help a company run more efficiently and maybe even grow in sales and profits. The average person might use email to communicate with family and friends, and most don't worry too much about a cluttered and disorganized inbox. However, working professionals and companies have a lot to lose if they don't properly tend to electronic communications, which is why email management is a pressing need for many organizations.

Managers might have a hard time determining just how to manage a large, medium or even a small business's email communications. Email messages can drastically decrease the amount of time to get responses from coworkers about an issue or question. Customers have gravitated towards emailing companies instead of calling a customer service number. In order to realize these and other benefits, companies should consider the following tips regarding email management.

Step 1

Set up notifications and alerts to help you stay on top of email management. Most professionals, actually recommend doing the exact opposite, by closing your email client application and only checking your account during scheduled times throughout the day. However, waiting an hour or two to read a business-related emails can result in lost opportunities if the message is time sensitive.

For example, if a manager runs a small business, such as a restaurant, the organization is probably reliant on daily shipments of fresh foods and other goods. If a supplier suddenly runs out of vital food items, such as flour for baking pastries, that affects the bakeries and eateries that rely on this core ingredient. In this modern age, suppliers commonly send mass emails when there is an emergency that affects their customers.

Stay on top of your emails as they arrive in your inbox so that you don't miss mission critical information.

Step 2

Create folders and filters for email management. If your business receives several emails from a few account holders every day, then sort set up your email client program to automatically filter those incoming messages into their respective folder. For example, create a folder and filter for Client A, Client B, and Client C.

If you are dealing with multiple messages from consumers, consider investing in a customer relationship management system providers greater control over incoming and outgoing emails.

Step 3

Separate personal from truly business communication to have more effective email management. Here again, a CRM program is helpful for managing internal communications from external communications.

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