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Email makes our lives easy and more convenient, but we need to be very careful because we share  confidential and personal data via email. Everything that we use should be efficient and effective and help us accomplish our tasks in no time. Keeping these things in mind, we need to find the best email software program which is right for us. 

The most popular email software available on web are Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla's Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, Qualcomm Eudora, and Opera Mail. 

  • Microsoft Outlook Express: Microsoft Outlook Express is a basic email program included with Internet explorer. In a PC World Magazine review, it got 3/5 stars in which editor gave special note on the excellent program features like encryption options, newsgroup monitoring features, and email blocking.
  • Mozilla's Thunderbird: This software program is an open-source program with numerous extensions, themes, and controls that can be easily customized. Such features place it among the best email software. As compared to the standard spam filters that most email programs have, Thunderbird has anti-phishing safeguards to help its users to avoid identity theft. PC World gave Thunderbird 4/5 stars, due to its speed, interface, and functionality.
  • Pegasus Mail: Pegasus Mail is a free, standard-based electronic mail client. This software program can create accounts for multiple users, it takes advantage of filters to organize and reduce spam, and preview POP3 emails before downloading. It has advanced features for power users. Pegasus is being used for 17 years.
  • Qualcomm Eudora: This software program has special search capabilities and easy-to-use interface. The program is recently turned to open source, leaving future upgrades in the hands of users. editors gave this email software rating of 7.3.
  • Opera Mail: This software program helps you integrate your email software and your web browser with Opera. Opera Mail allows you to subscribe to newsgroups and RSS and Atom feeds for a convenient all-in-one user experience. It has filtering capabilities that avoid junk mail to create target folders.


When having lots of tools available, it is pretty confusing to choose one that best fits your need. There are several concerns we encounter while using any email software like privacy concerns, tracking, spoofing, spamming, viruses and more. 

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/03/2012
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Top 5 Software Programs For Email. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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