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How To Use Email Marketing in Business


Email marketing can be a strategic means of marketing your business, but you must keep it legal and make sure you don’t break any laws while doing so. Business email marketing campaigns must be well thought out, well composed and targeted to the appropriate audience.

Step 1

While many business email marketing campaigns are composed with good intentions, many businesses don’t take into consideration the fact that not all people like their email box full of the unwanted advertisements that are otherwise known as spam or junk mail. Sending bulk emails and flooding email users with unwanted email can soon cause problems for your business and can result in your ISP blocking your ability to send emails. A couple of ways to avoid that problem would be:

1. If your business has a website, make a sign-up form available on that site where people will opt to receive information and emails from your business.

2. If you don’t have a website and you have a brick and mortar store, make a list available to customers so they can sign up to receive special offers and information via email from your business.

Step 2

Watch the subject line of your emails and try not to make the subject so dull and boring that the recipients will just ignore your email. If the subject line is something that interests the recipient, they are more likely to open it than not. Make sure you send your business email from the domain that your business owns so it is clear and precise on who is actually sending the email to the recipient.

Step 3

What message are you trying to relay to the recipient? Is your business having a sale or offering current customers a special promotion of some sort? Whatever the case may, be make sure you are relaying the proper message to the recipient. Don’t send redundant or empty content to your customers.

There’s nothing worse than getting a bunch of junk emails you didn’t request in the first place. I am sure there are many people who automatically delete all spam emails they may have and don’t give it a second thought.

Step 4

There are many programs which can help you do business email marketing campaigns. Do your research online and find the best resource for you and your business. Some software programs will enable you to maintain a database of subscribers who are to receive your business email campaigns.

Once you locate the program you feel will serve your business most effectively, it is your responsibility to keep your contact database up to date with the most current subscribers.

If you are going to invest in the software to help you build and maintain your contacts for business email marketing campaigns, make sure you know how to use it properly and utilize all of the convenient features included.

Step 5

Business email marketing works if done correctly. Don’t just throw any old thing together in the hope that you will make that sale. A well-composed and thoroughly prepared email campaign will reach the appropriate audience and will contain subject material that is relevant and of interest to the recipient. If not, then it is your time and resources wasted, so make sure you do your email business campaign the right way.

Not only will it help you avoid potentially costly mistakes, but it will also help your business grow.




Don’t send business email marketing campaigns out to people who did not request to get information from your business.

Send all business emails from the email associated with your business domain if you have a website.

Research online and see what kind of contact management software you can find that will provide the service you need for you and your business.

Maintain an up to date listing of your subscribers so you won’t be sending unwanted emails.

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Some contact management software to consider:

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