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How To Exchange Email With Friends


When you exchange email with your friends, you can keep in touch with just a few taps on your computer's keyboard. When you exchange email, you eliminate the need to pick up the phone each and every time you need to communicate with your friend. Exchange email is sent and received within seconds of hitting the “Send” button. Depending on your email provider, it usually does not cost anything to send and receive email. After the initial email is sent by your friend, you can exchange email without the need to enter their email address each and every time you send them a message.

Step 1

Open your email in a web browser of your choice. If your email username and password were not stored, you will need to provide your login information before you can access your account. If you cannot remember your login information, click the “Forgot Password” link and follow the prompts to reset your password. When you log into your email account, your Inbox may or may not be displayed. If not, click “Inbox” in the menu options on the right to see your new messages.

Step 2

Click on an email message from a friend with whom you want to exchange email. If you have not previously done so, read the message when its full content is displayed. If there is an attachment, you can click “Download” to read the attachment. After you are finished reading the message, do not delete it.

Step 3

Click “Reply” to open an exchange email for your friend. The friends email address will be listed in the “To” field. If you want to add someone else to the email, enter their email address in the “CC” field. If not, you can ignore the field.

Step 4

Enter the exchange email message in the body of the email. Make sure the message is displayed above the message from your friend. If you want, you can delete the text from the other email in the body of the message by highlighting it and pressing the “Delete” key on your computer. You can attach an image or other type of file to the email by clicking “Attach” in the top menu and following the prompts on-screen. Review your message for errors once you have finished typing it.

Step 5

Click “Send” to exchange emails with your friend. When the message is sent, a confirmation message will be displayed. When the friend sends a reply, it will appear in the Inbox. Repeat the steps to continue to exchange email with your friend.

Tips and Comments

If you are using an email client like Outlook Express, simply launch the application from your computers desktop and send the email as you normally would. Initiate an exchange email by clicking “New” while viewing your emails inbox. You will need to enter your friends email address in the “To” field. In subsequent email exchanges with your friend, you will not need to re-enter the email address as long as you hit “Reply” before sending a new message.

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