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How To Take Your Toddler on Long Flights

Published at 03/17/2012 00:57:24


When traveling most parents take their toddler along. This way the toddler will not be with someone that he or she doesn't know. However, sometimes having a toddler on long flights with you can be a daunting task. However, there are a few ways that you can make this flight much easier on yourself, your toddler, and other passengers who are in the skies with you on long flights.

Step 1

First off, remember to always pack a designated toddler bag for long flights that is well within reach. This bag should include things such as: diapers and/or pull up's if needed, a full change of clothes (socks included) in case your toddler becomes ill or has an accident. Pack lots of varieties of snacks for your toddler so they do not get bored, and baby wipes which come in handy for wiping up many messes and spills. Also bring plenty of sippy cups for your toddler, crayons and coloring book, and several toys so you can switch them out once your toddler gets bored on long flights.

Step 2

Remember to always dress your toddler in layers on long flights no matter how the ground weather is. Most planes are set at a certain temperature, but remember in the skies your child may be colder, due to the drastic change in altitude or your toddler may be warm due to the airplane heating system being turned up. By dressing in layers, you are able to remove clothing if you toddler were to feel too warm, or you are able to add clothing if the toddler feels too cold. Always bring a blanket as well to cover the toddler up in, in case the clothing is not enough for the long flights.


Step 3

If at all possible, get your child his or her own seat on the airplane beside you--this is for a couple reasons. One is it will be less of a disruption for a passenger setting by the child if they were to have a temper or kicking fit, which toddlers often do. It also will help out the parent because a 25 pound toddler wiggling on you for hours at a time is bound to make any one uncomfortable, your toddler included.

Step 4

Give your child a sippy cup, pacifier, or bottle whichever is preferred. This is due to the fast altitude change that occur on long flights during take off and landing. By keeping the toddlers mouth moving, it will help to prevent ear popping issues that commonly occur in everyone on the plane.

Step 5

Another way to keep a toddler busy and happy on long flights is to have him or her take a look at your digital camera. The toddler can even help to take pictures out of the airplane window (if near). Another excellent thing to do is to look at pictures already on your camera (or maybe even phone as a lot of people use their phone as a camera now) and have your toddler tell you stories about each picture and point out people they recognize in the pictures.




If your toddler gets cranky on long flights, do not despair. Others on the flight may even be willing to lend a helping hand, especially those who have toddlers at home or even with them. Your toddler may even make other toddler friends if there are any aboard your flight.

Try to not get anxious or upset at your child as they can sense this and it will only make more tension on long flights. Be sure if there are layovers in between flights that your child gets to stretch their legs, eat properly, and gets a nap in (if they are used to a nap).

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