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Top 5 Plastic Beach Toys For Young Children


Taking a family vacation to the beach is something that most families try to do at least once a year or more often if possible. When taking young children to the beach one of the best toys to take for entertainment are plastic beach toys.

There are hundreds of types of toys that you can bring but these top 5 will bring the most enjoyment and assure that you get the best family time at the beach that is possible!

Going to the beach together can build and grow many family memories and provide lots of family time together!




  • The plastic beach ball is one of the oldest toys around for fun family entertainment. With a beach ball the entire family can be involved and even the family pet can play with this type toy! The beach ball can be used as a volley ball, basketball, softball, soccer ball or any other kind of ball that is imaginable!
  • The plastic beach pail has literally hundreds of uses and is another great toy to take to the beach! A pale can be used to scoop up sand with, and to shape and form a sand castle with. If you find some cool sea shells the beach pail can also serve the family as a bucket that you can use to put these in.
  • The plastic beach shovel is an excellent item that will serve many functions. This is excellent for digging up sand deep to put into the bucket. It also is an excellent thing to use to dig up those pretty sea shells that you may want to take home and put into your shell collection.
  • The plastic sand castle mold is an excellent product that works great. To use it you simply scoop up sand and pack into the mold. Flip the mold upside down and as long as your sand and water consistency is correct, you should have the perfect sandcastle formed!
  • The plastic sand rake is the perfect thing to use to make your sand loose so you can dig it up using the plastic shovel. This rake also comes in hand for other things such as digging in the dirt for object that you may find on the beach!



All of these items are available at most local stores and drugstores. You also will be able to purchase them at most store near the beach if you for your plastic beach items at home! These items are all excellent for keeping young children entertained as well as keeping the parents busy.

Tips and comments

Never let a young child get close to the ocean as they do not understand the danger that they could potentially drown in the water, especially if waves come in.

If you see there is a large tide incoming, you should always move your family back or choose a different day for your family to spend a nice relaxing day at the beach together!

Use caution and always make your toddler wear a life jacket if they intend on going anywhere near the water. Always apply SPF 50 sunscreen when on the beach so the child will not burn. If the child has sensitive skin you may also want to make them wear a cover-up to be extra cautious.

By Jessica ., published at 03/15/2012
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