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the Best Amplifiers Car Manufacturers Use


Car amplifiers power the speakers of your car and improve the quality of sound of your stereo system at all volume levels. They make your music more enjoyable. If the amplifier is switched off, you will get a distortion in the sound, especially at loud or high volumes. Root mean square, or RMS, power is often used to measure the power of your amplifier. The peak power determines how your amplifier will react to sudden increase in volume. The type of amplifier you buy for your car depends on your stereo system.

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A car amplifier is designed for low-frequency reproduction, and is best suited for stereo systems with only one speaker. A class D mono amplifier may provide the best value for your money as it uses less current and produces less heat. The two-channel car amplifiers are used for component or full-range speakers, and are great for two-speaker stereo systems that have a subwoofer attached to them. Make sure your two-channel filters have high-pass filters in them for better quality. You should opt for a four-channel car amplifier if you have more than 2 speakers on your stereo system, or have two subwoofers for better volume.

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You may also upgrade to five- and six-channel amplifiers and multichannel amplifiers, especially if you have speakers on the front and back of the car. Consider the RMS and peak power levels of the amplifier before purchasing it.

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Popular brands such as Panasonic, Audiobahn, Kicker, MTX and Alpine offer a wide range of car amplifiers with several great features to choose from. As a consumer, it is important for you to differentiate between the hype and the specs. Ask your car dealer or manufacturer for details. Most cars also allow you to change your speakers and amplifiers according you requirements.


It would be unfair to label one car amplifier as better than the other. The choice of the stereo system and the amplifier is often personal. Apart from the type of stereo system and power requirements, opt for other features as well. For example, if you want a hearty bass line, your amplifier should have a low-pass filter that sends low-frequency notes to your subwoofer. High-pass filters in your amplifier can improve high-frequency audio. Most car manufacturers will install speakers with basic built-in amplifiers in your cars. High-end car stereo systems will also have remote controls and custom covers. Voltage monitors and control centers can help regulate the flow of electricity in your amplifier.

Car amplifiers are an important part of your vehicles stereo systems. Hence talk to your dealer about the specs of your pre-installed amplifier. Try it and play with it. However, do not let the car amplifiers decide your car purchase. You can always add additional amplifiers as per your personal preferences. They are easy to install, and can be purchased from any electronic store, or even online. The price ranges from $250 to 1,000, depending on the features and the brand. You may also check reviews of the products online before making informed choices.

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