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Most people usually install a car amplifier so that they may enjoy some good music when they drive from one place to another. However, amplifiers sometimes act up, and if you have a few ideas on how to troubleshoot the problem, then it can mean that you will be able to get it working once again.

When troubleshooting a car amplifier, the first thing that any person needs to do, is make sure that they locate the problem. The reason for this is that if the problem is not apparent, then one will not be able to solve it. To start with, a person ought to make sure that the amp is in its most basic state. This means that only the ground, power and remote leads will be connected to the amp, if there is still a problem and there is defective sound, then the amp itself may be damaged. Alternatively, it is important that a person check to see whether the amp may be touching any conductive surface. The reason for this is that if it is, then it may be the main source of your problem. Mounting the amp on a nonconductive surface will solve this problem.

If the car amplifier problem is not apparent after stripping it down, then someone is supposed to check the connections of the device. It is important that a person look at the ground, as well as live connections. If they are okay, then the device ought to turn on by showing some sort of color on its LED screen. However, there are some amp models that usually show other colors when there is a problem, reading the amps manual will inform you, if the light is correct or not. Using a voltmeter to test out the connections is also important. This is because at times, power may not be traveling from one point to another. All connections ought to produce 12 volts and if more, or less then there is a problem. The problem is usually caused by a wrong connection, or two connections meeting at one point.


Finally, if the connections are okay, then start looking at the wiring of the amp to the speakers, In fact, all the wiring needs to be checked. The reason for this is that in case any wire is touching the car, then the wires are being grounded, this will mean that any sound transmitted through them will be faulty. So this is an important car amplifier troubleshooting tip. , it is important that the wires are checked inch by inch, since a small part pinned under a seat may be the cause of the problem. So all wires need to be checked thoroughly.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/29/2012
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