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The Disney Pixar Cars movie was a huge success with children and adults alike. This movie was first released in 2006 and was such a hit the producers decided to try once more and released Cars 2 on June 24, 2011 in theaters and drive in's worldwide. After the first movie was produced children, and collectors went nuts for all the cars limited edition toys and eventually more and more toys started being produced.

Then came other items such as "Lightning McQueen beds" Toys, bedroom sets, lawn furniture, ride on toys and so much more. More children than ever decided that they wanted the red race car to be their birthday party, and eventually Disney produced a "Cars on Ice" so children and parents could come watch Lightning McQueen and other characters skate around the ice and help out one another. There are more items being produced daily, and collectors have decided to get their hands on these toys.


Who are the characters in Cars?

Here is a complied list of some of the mant excellent characters that are featured in the Cars movies:

Lightning McQueen


Chuck and McQueen's pit crew


Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze

Strip "The King" Weathers

Lynda Weathers / Mrs. The King

Dinoco Transport Helicopter

Chick Hicks

Tow Mater

Sally Carrera

Doc Hudson












Darrell Cartrip

Bob Cutlass

Mia and Tia

Van and Minny

Delinquent Road Hazards

Kori Turbowitz

Jay Limo

Albert Hinkey


TJ Hummer

Sven "The Governator"

Michael Schumacher

Jerry Recycled Batteries


"Junior" #87.2

Mario Andretti #11

Finn McMissile

Holley Shiftwell



Leland Turbo

Rod “Torque” Redline


Miles Axlerod

Professor Zündapp



Francesco Bernoulli

Jeff Gorvette

Lewis Hamilton

Nigel Gearsley

Mama Topolino

Uncle Topolino

Prince Wheeliam

Queen Elizabeth

Crabby the Boat

Tony Trihull



With so many characters, it is easy to see how that Disney makes money off these many items. There are many items for collectors; however, some of the best are as follows:

Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Dinoco 400 8-PC Cars Collector set, which features the top 8 characters that were featured in the cars' movie. This set can be purchased at many local toy stores and also collector stores. This set sells for around $83.00 and features all die-cast vehicles.

Another excellent item that Disney Pixar Cars collector's love is the Cars Mack Hauler. This cool truck open up and has a flatbed built inside that will pull out so you are able to load up your vehicles and get ready for the race. These sell for around $55.00 and can also be purchased at places such as Toys R Us and other retailers.

Disney / Pixar CARS Movie Exclusive Talking Mack Transporter with Bug Mouth Lightning McQueen is another great Disney Pixar Cars collector’s item that features Mack's truck that has a custom transporter built on the back. This Mack truck also says a few sayings and is sure to delight children and Car's collectors alike. This item sells for about $35.00 and since it is an exclusive it may be hard to find in toy stores. This truck may be purchased on sites such as Amazon, or EBay as a new or used item. Craigslist may be another excellent place to search for this item as well.

Tips and comments

Remember when purchasing Cars collectors’ items be sure when buying online that you are buying the exact same item that you are looking for. These items are something that should be held on to for years to come and if possibly try to purchase them new in the box with no damage to the box exterior or interior.

If meeting someone off the Internet, be sure to be cautious and meet them in a public place as some people may not have the best of intentions.

Always price shop when purchasing any item and if looking online be sure to add the shipping cost of the item to get your total price. Sometimes you may be better off buying at a local store for new after shipping is factored into the estimate.


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