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Tariffs phone is the deal or the package or “bundle” being offered to you by any cellular phone service. Why they are referred to as tariffs phone and not simply prices or charges is because the word tariff refers to what is being paid in exchange for services and well making and receiving calls, text messages, voicemail and other facilities. Thus tariff is this detailed document in reality which tells you clearly what you are being offered for the amount you have paid. When you or anyone else buys a new sim card or opts for a different cellular service provider we are introduced to a host of phone tariffs.


You will be surprised to know that tariffs phone are not just created on a whim. They need to be approved by the government. They undergo an analysis to see if they are even fair or not. Other things involved in a tariff are tax rates for every unit of usage and of course international rates. They are different for all. Some people can opt for a service based only on favorable international rates. Cellular services providers come up with new and competitive tariffs every few months to lure in users. T-mobiles recently launched an unlimited text messaging and calling tariff that has created quite the rave. But just like when you choose a cell phone choosing a certain tariff means it depends on what you prefer. Some people prefer business packages while students can go for something that promises lots of text messaging and affordable access to the internet.


There are many types of tariffs one can opt for. One is the contract based tariff which means you pay for the services at regular intervals, kind of like a postpaid connection, you pay after. This kind usually has a limit and if that is exceeded you might have to renew services. Contract based tariff phone can sometimes be offered with a phone too which is considered economical by buyers. However, these are long term contracts, minimum one year at least and you are offered some free services as a result. Then there is the “pay as you go” or pre-paid plan. The prepay plan involves preloading or paying in advance to using services. These are more common generally, especially with students who find it more economical. Another thing is that contract based tariffs can at times have a fixed line rent which is to be paid no matter what so with the pay as you go system, you pay for what you use and since you have already paid for it you won’t over use it.

Tips and comments

There are many tariffs phone out there, being offered by every other cellular service provider. The trick is to think long term. Sometimes people get attracted by free minutes or messages they never end up using but paying for. So reading between the lines is important here. It is considered best to go for something simple rather than fancy with too many terms and conditions.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/19/2012
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