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Having a cell phone is not a luxury anymore, in fact it has become a life style. Almost everyone today owns a mobile phone. It is the easiest way of communication with your family and friends no matter where you are. But to make proper use of this device you need to have a mobile tariff. There are so many mobile tariff and data plans available today that consumer get confused and decision to sign up with one provider becomes harder to make. The growth in communication technology has been overwhelming in the past decade. It is a fast growing industry and therefore to get the best service, you need be well aware of what you are being offered.


Mobile tariff means packages put together for mobile users to cater to their needs. Have a look around to see what tariff suits you the best. With the popularity of the smart phones internet is another requirement while choosing a tariff. Mobile internet has become really popular, it is a faster and easier way of doing things, from watching T.V to playing games to sending emails or simply listening to music. However, while searching for a mobile phone tariff it is hard to know how much you need to spend on downloading and internet facilities. You can easily be spending more and using less. There are two types of tariffs, pre-paid and post-paid. Pre-paid tariff allows you to top up your account and use the bought credit to make calls, text and use the internet. But as the credit runs out you are unable to do anything until you put more credit in. However, in post-paid tariff users use their mobile 24/7 and pay at the end of each month.


It is often seen that mobile retailers are not transparent enough when it comes to mobile tariff. There are many hidden charges which the consumer usually is not aware of. To avoid confusion and extra expenses there are a few things one should be aware of before getting a contract with a service provider. You may be charged long distance roaming unless you have added an international usage package to your tariff. Read the small print of your contract to make sure you are not charged for anything that you did not opt for. Any free minutes or texts included in your tariff are usually not usable outside the country. Check before downloading anything, not everything available for downloading is free. Also beware that you will almost always be charged for international calls. You should also know that services like voice mails, text messages, MMS, and even cancelling a contract may charge you extra bucks. To minimize your tariff charges you should make a list of your must haves and then choose a package. In order to choose the best package for yourself you should be aware of some of these things; What do KB, MB, GB stand for? How much internet data limit on your mobile should you go for? By ignoring such details people generally tend to choose wrong mobile phone tariffs hence paying more money than required.

Tips and comments

To get a best deal on your mobile package you should do a survey on the mobile tariff in your country. Find out what packages the major mobile companies are offering. What package best fits your requirements. While choosing a network make sure you find out about all hidden charges. And choose a pre-paid or post-paid tariff wisely.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/22/2012
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