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What You Should Know About Football Tarif


Npower, which is a leading utilities supplier in the United Kingdom has been providing businesses and homes with gas and electricity for decades, has always prided itself in supplying customers with value-added services at a lower cost than most major competitors.


In order to reduce the gas and electricity charges for their customers, Npower has introduced a football saver tarif ever since it became a sponsor for the football league beginning from the 2010/11 season. The tariff, known as Football45, guarantees npower customers a fixed discount on the electricity and gas bills along with vouchers which allows the customers to spend up to 45 Pounds in any football league club shop. This football saver tariff allows customers to save up to 7 % in guaranteed utility costs against their previous standard tarif. Not only does this new offer provide new customers with guaranteed saving, it comes with a few added perks for regular customers as well, such as a 100 pound saving for customers who have been paying monthly through direct debit for a dual fuel football saving package for over a year.


For new customers or those who have switched from a different provider, npower offers a 45 pound voucher on the date that you start your new connection as well as another voucher for the same value at the one year anniversary after your switch to npower. For people who are trying to look for alternate fuel services provider, this is a great opportunity to look into the tariffs provided by npower and the tarif that is offered by your regular supplier, and to compare them both to see if you can achieve saving by switching to npower. This football tarif known as the Football45 also has no exit fee if you intend to change either your tariff or supplier due to any reason of your own.

Tips and Comments

Since statistics recorded by the company report that households that switched from their regular utilities provider to the dual fuel tarif offered by npower through the Which? Switch offer between 1st June 2010 and 31st May 2011 have saved an estimated 237 pounds per year, you too can avail this opportunity and cut on your costs right away. For people who intend to switch over to npower’s Football45 tarif, it is first recommended that you go to a tariff comparison website, where you can calculate the average monthly saving on your gas and electricity bill that might result due to switching to npower. Since there can always be changes in regional price for suppliers and providers, it is always best to first head to a tariff comparison website where you can easily locate the best offer available for your particular area. If you find that Football45 tarif is indeed the best one for you, you can easily switch over to npower’s football tariff by going directly to the company’s website and signing up. Not only can you save a guaranteed 7 percent on your fuel costs, but you can also gain up to two 45 pound vouchers that can be used at all football league club shops, a deal that is worth investigating!

By Anushay Q., published at 02/22/2012
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