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What You Should Know About 3G Tariff


3G technology has changed the lives of cellular users and has made a strong impact on the lifestyle of people. Now cell phones are no longer a device for making calls or sending text messages. 3G powered cell phones allow its users to not only make voice calls but also video calls. 3G also has enabled the users to browse the internet at lightning fast speed on their phones. With 3G services, game addicts are playing multiplayer games with people sitting in other parts of the world. With these facilities provided it is quite obvious that the 3G tariff is high. Although the 3G tariff is high when compared to the basic cellular options but it is worth every cent because of the advantages it offers to its users.


Although the first 3G technology test took place way back in 1998, it only got accessible to public during the mid-2000. The launch of 3G service created a boom in the already growing telecommunication sector and it was like a dream come true for cell phone users. The cellular companies banked on this fascination and the 3G tariff was sky high. Even though the tariff was very high but users were willing to pay this amount and be a part of the exclusive 3G club. Later on as users grew and more companies entered into the market offering 3G services, the tariffs witnessed a significant decrease. This decrease was a blessing for the users and now they are more aware about the tariffs and only select the best options for themselves.


The most important thing to know about 3G tariff is that the customer is charged in slabs. Different companies offer different slabs to its users. The companies set slab levels for the customers according to a general survey conducted from time to time and make changes according to the prices offered by users. The video call tariffs are slightly more than the voice calls. The only problem with video calls is that the users who on the receiving end have also subscribed to 3G services can benefit from this facility. The data packages are charged according to the download bandwidth allowed. The more you browse the more you pay is the general trend, although some of the companies have fixed their tariffs for 3G technology. These companies offer unlimited data bandwidth to the users and it is the best option available to the internet addicts who just can’t keep their hands away from the internet.

Tips and comments

The best advice for the 3G users would be to select a package that is best for their requirement. Don’t select a package that has fancy services which are not even used by you and the end result is only a high 3G tariff. Another advice is don’t get carried away by 3G facilities. A lot of people tend to abuse the services provided and this results in their own loss. Try to save your time by limiting 3G usage to important things, this will not only save your valuable time but will also result in low tariff.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/22/2012
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