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What Are Phone Tariffs?


The world became globalized due to the advancements in communications and telecommunications. If Graham Bell came to present era via some miracle he would die once again due to the amazing advancements in communications. Cell phones are the fasted way of communication, even faster than electronic mail. Back in the days tariffs used to be very high especially the cell phone tariffs. As the user volume started to rise and the cellular phone prices dropped significantly, the telecommunications decided to drop phone tariffs for their survival. This move was done to survive in the cut throat environment and attract more users for an increase in the number of subscribers.


The history of phone tariffs is as old as the invention itself. The phone services have never been free, the tariffs were imposed from day one to run operations and manage maintenance. Back in those days like today, the components of telecommunication were very expensive and to recover the initial capital, tariff was used by the phone companies. There was a time when a trans-Atlantic phone call used to cost fist full of dollars and also it was very difficult to connect without static or disturbance. Recent times have seen some major developments in telecommunications and within a few years of these developments the trans-Atlantic optic fiber line and connectivity became so easy. Also the advent of cellular phones has helped a lot in this cause. They have made life so easy that it is safe to say “whole world is in our hand”.


Telephone tariffs or the cellular tariffs or the phone tariffs as they are commonly known as are a detailed account of all the charges that a customer pays or is obliged to pay when he/she makes a call or send a texted message. In some of the major countries that are far more developed, detailed publishing of this tariff is a must under legal obligations. Earlier by not giving complete tariff information, cellular companies made millions until they were legally bounded. Some companies publish their tariff with the slightest details. The information published is so accurate and detailed that it takes up many pages. These companies are the favorite of users as they may charge a little more but don’t have any hidden charges.

Tips and comments

Since all the tariffs of all the companies are easily available either on the internet or from company offices, it is the duty of a customer to select a company by analyzing phone tariffs. This is a very good practice and should be observed by all the cell phone and telephone users. The rates are very competitive and tariffs have a difference of few cents only unless there is an extra special campaign running. It’s not possible to point out a company as the cheapest when talking about tariffs. If a company is charging less on calls they might be charging a good amount of money for short message service and vice versa. A smart decision is required to make the choice. It is smart to choose according to your will, follow the heart and apply rational choice theory while selecting tariff.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/19/2012
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