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How To Back Up External Hard Drives For Storage


Every computer needs external storage hard drives at the backend for the storage of data and applications. The best and affordable hard drives that are latest in market are up to 3 Terabyte. Those who are interested in devices which perform fastest they would prefer solid state drives (ssds) which increase the performance. Though they are very expensive but in regard you get the high speed performance so it’s not expensive. 


Step 1

Even sometimes you only have to plug in your external storage hard derives into your computer and it’s started and ready for use. Then you can use it by storing data in it or retrieving data from it to your personal computers. We have a very good facility that we can take any data from one computer to another within same places or it may be far going.


Step 2

Usually these external storage hard drives are plugged in to our personal computers by using different types of devices which can include connections like USB 3.0, USB 2.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800, ESATA. These are Portable external storage hard drives which can be used anywhere and take them along your selves. These are bus-powered which means that it needs only one cable for both data and power connections.

So we have a very easy and interesting way to store data. For example there is a pocket dictionary, by name we know that it’s a small thing to carry. You can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere and use it in your need. Like this usb device is also a pocket device. iI’s really easy, small and light in weight. Today, there are high capacity usbs available, these can also be used as external storage hard drives.


Step 3

You have heard it many times about backing up your data in evternal storage hard drives. But not backing up on daily basis would be a little risky because there may be a possibility that sometimes your hard drive crashes. Although, you can reinstall your applications and softwares but if you have your friends or family photos or video clips of some special moment then you can’t store them unless you have a backup.


Step 4

Viruses are also very dangerous as things lost by viruses can’t be restored easily. it sometimes can waste years of hardwork. To avoid these risks present in external storage hard drives, we can also save and store our data in cd’s and dvd’s but it’s not common because it costs more on such devices.

Step 5

These internal devices are designed in two standards 3.5 inches and 2.5 inch.3.5 was designed for desktop computers and later on 2.5 inch was introduced for working on laptops. Mostly these solid state drives were put in 2.5 inch capacity. The best thing about these external storage hard drives is that they their cost is comming down very fast and size capacity is increasing.


The external storage hard drives have three main reasons. One is to make increases in the storage capacity of the memory of your computers. Second is to share your data among computers and make the back-end data ready every time and the last reason is that it is easy to use.


The best tip for external storage hard drives is that always buy large capacity drives so that you can keep many backups of the system.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/28/2012
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