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How To Upgrade the Hdd

Upgrading your hdd

The hdd in full is the hard disk drive and it is responsible for handling each and everything on the computer, it stores everything from documents, the running programs, e.t.c every piece of data can be written on the hard drive.

Step 1

History of the hdd

The hdd was first introduced in 1956, and it was huge, approximately the size of two refrigerators. This first model was called the 350 RAMAC. This IBM drive stored 3.75 million 8-bit bytes. From this, the next model that is, the 1311 disk drive was introduced. 

Step 2

This was a little smaller compared to the previous model. It was actually the size of a washing machine. This model stored 2 million characters on a removable disk and user could buy additional if they wished, by the early 1980s IBMs and other companies released newer versions which became the norm and reached a capacity of 300 megabytes. 

Step 3

In 1973 Winchester a new type of model by the IBM was introduced, this model had a new feature which made it not to be fully withdrawn from the stack of disk platters. With continued innovation the Winchester abandoned the removable media concept and a non removable platter was adopted. 

Step 4

In the beginning of 1980s the hdds were very expensive and rare, but by the late 80s the costs had substantially reduced. 1983 it’s now when the internal hard disks drives proliferated, the IBM PC/XT included a 10mb hard disk drive. From that time the hdd became smaller in size, bigger in size that is from megabytes to terabytes and even became way cheaper from being US$ 15000 per megabyte to now less than US$ 0.0001 per megabyte.

Step 5

How to upgrade the hdd
For desktop users, there is always the option of buying another bigger hdd and simply combining it with the one you already available. However for laptop users it might a little more difficult to upgrade you hdd without having to go through the process of formatting and losing everything you have. For laptop using windows it would be difficult to clone you data to the new drive but for Linux it’s much easier with using the clonezilla live cd,

Steps for upgrading the desktop hdd
You will need to purchase a bigger hdd drive from a computer dealership stores. Make sure it has the connecting cable. Once you’ve got it, switch off your computer and unscrew the screws gently, be sure to use the right tools to avoid damaging the machine. Once it’s open place the hdd either above or the below the current hdd

Screw the new upgrade just as the current hard drive is, once that is done is done unplug the current hard drive and plug the new hdd to the primary slot, move the old hard drive to the secondary slot. Carefully close up the CPU. Once the computer is up and running the new drive could take a little while to be found but once that’s done. It should be set.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/20/2012
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