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What Are Hard Drives


Hard disk or drives hard is the main storage device of a computer. The largest and most important part of working with software on a computer everyday is stored on the hard drive. The operating system is stored on hard disk, most software programs you use are stored on the drives hard, and probably the last document that you created is still stored on the hard disk.
A personal computer with no hard disk does not have too much utility, since most software is designed to operate in the presence of a hard disk.


The anatomy of a hard disk or drives hard.
A. Inflexible metal disk or disks (platters) coated with a layer of magnets. These disks are turned by an engine that can develop a speed of thousands of revolutions per minute (RPM). Currently regular hard drives are rated at speeds that start at 7200 rpm.
B. Movable arm containing a head for read / write functions.
If the hard disk contains several platters overlapping each one of them is served by a head for reading / writing on their own. The activity of reading / writing produces a "buzzing" because of specific magnetic phenomena involved in storing and accessing data. Hard drives have become over time increasingly quieter during operation on some models is almost imperceptible.
C. A second motor can move the read write head at any point in the storage area.
The electronics that control the activities of read / write and transfer data to and from your computer. In these parts a small ultra fast memory is included. This type of memory is known as cache.
D. Metal casing where all the components are encapsulated this includes the mechanical and electronic parts.


There are two types of hard disks or drives hard.
Depending on the diameter of the storage platters most common types of hard disk or drives hard are respectively 3.5 inch 2.5 inch.
The 3.5 inch hard disk or drives hard are the most popular among ordinary PCs and they are mounted inside the central unit. A computer is usually not limited to one hard disk or drives hard, a computer can have at least four internal hard disks. The number can increase by adding expansion cards.
The 2.5 inch hard disks or drives hard are usually found in portable computers or other electronic equipment such as DVD recorders, game consoles, cameras, MP3 players. This type of hard disk or drives hard requires only 5V power supply which reduces the energy consumption from the 3.5-inch models that require 12V to operate. If these models are winning the energy consumption chapter the performance of the 3.5 inch models is much grater because of the high data transfer rate.
Our computer cannot function without a hard disk or drives hard. If we didn’t have a hard disk we wouldn’t have a place to save our work, files or pictures. The hard disk is an essential part of our computer but with the latest technological advancements in other components like the CPU or graphic cards the hard disk seems to be the slowest part of the PC although the hard disk spins at 7200 RPM.

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