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How To Buy External Hard Drives


An external hard drive stores your data and adds needed security and safety for that data. External hard drives are much safer than an internal hard drive because you are using the drives external hard outside your computer. You are allowed to backup copies of all of your files on your PC without much of a hassle. You can save sensitive data on the drives external hard and you can just unplug it for later use. When you want to use the drives external hard again, you just plug it back into your USB port on your PC and all of your data is still available. External hard drives are portable, which means all of your data can be carried with you anywhere. You can use the drivers external hard on any open USB port and all of your data will still be stored on the drives external hard.

External hard drives connect to your PC via USB port with a USB cable. Every computer should have at least one USB port where you can plug the drives external hard in. If the computer does not have a USB port, you can purchase a USB hub or an external USB port to connect the drives external hard. There are several types of drives external hard. External hard drives are designed for desktops and laptops. Desktop drives external hard are much larger and they must stay connected to the PC. Portable drives external hard are usually used on laptops and they are much smaller than desktop drives external hard. You can carry the portable drives external hard in your pocket, briefcase or a rucksack and you can use them on any computer with a USB port.

Step 1

Think about the type of external hard drive you want to buy. If you have a desktop, buy a desktop hard drive. If you want a portable hard drive for a laptop notebook, purchase one for your notebook. In addition, think about the type of brand of drives external hard that you want. Popular brands of external hard drives include Seagate and Western Digital.

Step 2

Think about how much space you want the drives external hard drive to be. External hard drives come in different sizes. For instance, a Seagate external hard drive comes in 250 GB and Western Digital has drives external hard up to 1 TB.

Step 3

Search for the external hard drive on Amazon is the best website to buy external hard drives. You will get the best deal and you do not have to worry about the external hard drive not being in stock because the items are always on stock. Type in the drives external hard in the search box and then hit "Enter." Once you find the one you want, create an account on Amazon.

Step 4

Create your customer account on Amazon. You have to enter your financial and personal information. Your information is secure on Amazon. Once you are done with your account, add the drives external hard to your shopping cart.

Step 5

Order the external hard drive. Click "Place Order" to finalize the purchase.

By Phoenix Sosa, published at 02/16/2012
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