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How To Do a Hard Rebuild For Your Hard Drive


When you have a computer for a few years, your hard drive hard can become just as personal as a diary. Over time, you collect countless files, from pictures to documents to passwords and other personal information that is essentially irreplaceable.

Step 1

If the worst should happen and your hard drive hard should fail, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. Whether it undergoes physical damage or simply becomes corrupt, there are a few things you can try to do while rebuilding a hard drive hard.

Step 2

  • Obtain a working hard drive hard better purchase a new one. If your hard drive hard has stopped working due to some kind of physical damage, get a hard drive hard of the same model that does work. Anything that is broken, from the write/read head to any mechanisms or motors, can be replaced with the same parts from the new drive.

Step 3

Perform a consistency checking. If your hard drive hard has become corrupt and lost data, one way to rebuild the hard drive hard is to perform consistency checking. The drive is performing a test on itself to see if everything is working properly. When it is not working properly, it will print out a list of all errors it found. You can see exactly whats wrong, and you can then take the steps to fix the problems.

Step 4

Perform data carving. Data carving is the process of going through a hard drive hard and finding not only files being stored, but files on the drive that have no "allocation information." A file with no allocation information cannot be accessed through traditional means. If your hard drive is going bad, and has started randomly deleting important files, there is a good chance that your data is slowly becoming hidden in these files.

Step 5

A very important rule to follow when rebuilding PCs is to keep the OS and data on separate drives: that way, formatting or reinstalling your OS does carries little risk of taking your data down with it. In spite of your best efforts to separate OS and data, during everyday use, a few files might have slipped into the drive that you are about to demolish. It is a good idea to search for them before you start or you will lose them and rebuilding will end up a problem for you.


You can take the failed hard drive and see if it is recoverable by using the drive diagnostic tools that can be found on the drive manufacturers website (often DOS like programs that require the drive to be connected to a PC).


You can use a Disk Utility to reformat the drive and see if it displays any error messages. One would however be reluctant to use a drive that had reported any kind of errors as a reliable drive. If the drive is under warranty you can send it back to the manufacturer for replacement. Most manufacturers will honor the warranty period based on the manufacturers date on the sticker of the drive without need of a receipt.

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