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There are two ways in which to prepare your primary hard drive to store files. There was a time before when two or three hard disks were installed in tower computers to provide more room, greater storage capacity and allow room for more programs. The main hard drive had the software, and the second hard drive was used for storage. Back when drives were 32 megabytes, not 320 gigabytes. Floppy disks went with the dinosaurs. Very few computers are set up to use them now.

Today you can purchase hard drives with terabytes or gigabytes. The kilobyte and megabyte drives are still around, but rare. Motherboards, RAM, and hard drives are built for speed and room. Software programs take more space to operate and to store. The larger the hard drive and RAM, the more room to move. The faster the processing speed of the hard drive, motherboard, and memory chips the faster programs run. Its all about speed and room.

However, storage is still an issue. Not an issue of how, but where to store files and important documents to keep them secure. With the advent of newer technology security is not as much of an issue as it used to be. Space is almost a thing of the past. It may still be preferable to use your computers hard drive for storage rather than an external hard drive. If you have a tower desk top computer, it is a simple process of installing a second hard drive for storage.

Both solutions are viable. There are two ways in which to prepare your primary hard drive to store files. To prepare your main hard drive or install a second hard drive for storage follow these steps.

Step 1

Click the Start button, next click Computer. Right-click the drive letter of your hard drive, most often this is C:. Select Properties, check the amount of room left on the drive. If space is limited use Disk Cleanup to clear the excess. Close the dialogue window.

Step 2

Compress the files you wish to store using your favorite compression utility. Next, select Libraries in the left column of the window. From the bar at the top of the window, click New Library and name it.

Step 3

Open your new library and add a folder by clicking Include a Folder. A new window opens, using Browse find the compressed files. Click the folder and click Include Folder.

Step 4

Purchase a hard drive compatible with your computer and install. Once it is installed, drag and drop the folders, you want to store. After creating new documents use the Save As in the program, you are working from, select the drive letter for the hard drive storage and click Save.

Step 5

Save space by compressing the files before dragging them to the new drive. When you need the file again, open the archive, select the file and extract it to where you need it.


When adding another hard drive for storage to your computer it may be easier to use software like Disc Wizard by Seagate. Download the software and have it waiting.

The hardware installation is easy, unplugthe power cord and the monitor, and other equipment. Next remove the side covers of your tower and slide the new drive into the available slot. Using the screws provided secure it and plug in the power. Replace the side covers and plug back in. Run the Disc Wizard.

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