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Hard disk is one of the most crucial parts of the secondary memory of the computer. Therefore, when we choose a hard disk we need to make sure that we get the best deal within a fixed budget. 500gb hard drive is nowadays, one of the most famous integrated types of secondary memory in PCs and Laptops. Therefore, you must be aware of the features you should look for when you buy a 500gb hard drive. The 500 GB here denotes the space that we all know about. But will 500 GB hard disk be enough for our daily use remain the question.


When you select a 500gb hard drive make sure to have a good look at the RPM the manufacturing company is offering. Generally, for home use 5400 RPM – 7200 RPM should be enough. RPM here denotes rotations per minute, and is directly proportional to the speed of data transfer between the hard disk drive and the computer memory. So, always remember that more the RPM more will be the speed of the data transfer in a hard disk.

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Another important factor to look out in a 500gb hard drive is whether the hard disk drive is an external hard drive or an internal one. Internal hard disk drives are generally SATA or IDE. External hard disk drives are usually USB driven and used simultaneously along with an internal drive to increase the space. If you use a PC or a Laptop and already have a built in hard drive then you can go for an external one. Else you need to choose an internal hard disk drive based on whether it is a laptop, or a desktop. While buying a 500gb hard drive you have to keep it in mind that completely 500 GB would not be accessible. Therefore, you need to check it out with the dealers regarding the space that will be available for use. Various brands might have various amount of actual space usage.


Brand name is very important. If you have been a happy customer of Brand “A” hard disks for example, then try to stick with it. Try to review the model of the 500 GB hard drive you have selected and then go ahead with the deal. This will help you to gain maximum out of this deal. Often, it has been seen that brand names tend to manufacture quality hard disks and therefore, you need not worry about the longevity of the product.

Check out with the warranty terms and warranty time allotted for the 500 GB hard disk you wish to buy. A hard disk warranty generally varies from 3 – 5years if the brand is popular. Hence, check with this fact, and try to buy a product which has a service center near your locality. This will help you in case you need to send the product for replacement or repair. In case of any fault contact the customer support immediately, they will provide you with the necessary solution and you will get a replacement, if necessary.

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