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What You Need To Know About An External Usb Hard Drive


USB hard drives are very common these days. USB is short form for Universal Serial Bus. The USB is a connecting device that is used to transfer data between two devices/ computers. USB is a kind of connector with the sole purpose of transferring data between devices. The external USB hard drive, as the name states, is located on the computer’s external casing.


There was a time when all peripheral devices such as keyboards, printers etc could only operate if they were connected to a port on the back of a computer. As a result the user would have to undergo a lot of trouble since finding the correct spot on the back of the computer usually proved to be an ordeal. In addition to this there was no means of transferring data between two devices in a speedy and efficient manner. For example with the advancement in technology the need to transfer image data form digital cameras to the computers increased. In 1998 with the invention of the USB interface a positive change occurred. Hard drives that had to initially be connected to a computer using a 40 pin connector and a power cable could now easily be connected externally. Designs for external USB hard drives began to emerge. The earliest external USB hard drives were large. Ever since its invention the size of external USB hard drives has decreased. Today you can find external USB hard drives in almost all sizes and they have tended to become more compact.


External USB hard drives are sensitive to fluctuations in voltages and need the correct power supply. Most external USB hard drives need an external power supply. However the external USB hard drives that make use of the 2.5” HDD can be powered by the USB. The USB can supply around 5 watts of power. External USB hard drives vary in their storage capacity. The earliest USB hard drives could not cross the 1GB mark. However now they can store so much data that the smallest USB hard drives can be a replacement for the CD. There storage capacity now ranges from 160 gigabytes to 1.5 terabytes. A USB port is the essential feature needed to connect an external USB hard drive. Almost all computers today come with USB ports. Thus connecting the device is easy and does not require any additional drives. Another feature of external USB hard drives is that they provide you with security options and you can protect your information via password.

Tips and Comments

If you are thinking of purchasing an external USB hard drive and want to make the right choice then the Seagate 1 TB USB 2.0 is the best option. This external USB hard drive is faster and stronger than most drives. It is easy to use since its installation does not require any additional software. You can simply plug in the device and it’s ready to use.. You can store almost any amount of your photos, music etc since its storage capacity is 1 TB. This external USB hard drive does not have any compatibility issues and can run smoothly on both Windows Vista and Windows XP.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/10/2012
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