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Review Of the Seagate Hard Drives


When you want to speak about the best manufacturer of hard drives Seagate is the first company that comes to your mind. Since the early models of hard drives Seagate has made a lot of improvements. I remember my first hard drive which was manufactured by Seagate. It was a 128 Mb hard drive that still works today. When it comes to reliability the hard drives Seagate manufactures are certainly the best.

This year Seagate has a big surprise for all of us. The Seagate GoFlex Desk External Drive has an incredible storing capacity. This hard drive can store 4TB of data and has good connectivity and ventilation.


The new storage solution from the hard drives Seagate family incorporates a 3.5” hard drive, along with USB 3.0 connectivity.

The GoFlex Desk hard drive comes with preinstalled software that allows easy data management, backup functions and data security. With the lightened indicator on the case you can see at any time how much storing space is available on the drive.

To use this hard drives Seagate created just plug in the AC adapter and connect it to your USB. The hard drive is formatted for Windows but with the help of the included software you can choose between Mac or Pc partitions. This hard drive has a very good speed when it comes to writing or reading.
When it comes to internal hard drives Seagate also has the best solutions. The latest Barracuda hard drive which has a storing capacity of 3 TB is a very complicated piece of technology. This hard drive uses the Advance Format technology that enables the drive to cram more sectors on every platter, from here the increased storing capacity. This hard drive uses the SATA-600 interface and it is the best hard drive for those who have a large media library. Hard drives Seagate creates are perfect for a home server, especially this one with a high storing capacity.
Seagate has been the most popular hard drive manufacturer for a long time. The quality of their products is very high and this is how they keep us, the customers, very happy. But for many customers the cost of the drive is very important. Although the Barracuda 3 TB offers high end performances it also has a big price. There are other hard drives Seagate produces that are cheaper then the Barracuda 3 TB. Advanced users can buy two Barracuda Green 2 TB hard drives and set them up as RAID0 leading to a 4 TB virtual drive that has better performance then the Barracuda 3 TB drive.


If you are a casual user that has a very large media library, the hard drives that Seagate manufactures are the best for you. The Barracuda 3 TB is a very good value hard drive and it is perfect for a home server or a multimedia computer.
When you choose a hard drive you must know exactly what do you want to do with it. If you don’t require such a large storing capacity you can buy a smaller capacity hard drive but with increased performance.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/16/2012
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