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Hard drives computers based on flash memory generally provide much higher speeds than conventional HDD platters. So far, you were satisfied with the speed of two Velociraptor 10,000 rpm implemented in RAID 0. But the time for a system upgrade came and you decided to try the SSD hard drives computers. So here it is: a contest between a SSD (Solid State Disk) Corsair brand with a capacity of 60 gigabytes and a conventional hard disk. The Corsair SSD hard drives computers were compared with a common but very powerful conventional HDD, namely a Western Digital 2 TB SATA 3.


For testing it was used Crystal Disk Mark freeware application. The program tests the hard drives computers read / write speed sequence (at least) and then read / write speed of a random file with the size of 512kbits and 4kbits, respectively. The last test category refers to the function of the Queue Depth motherboard that supports AHCI. Simply put, this part of the test measures the speed of hard drive computers in case you turned on the motherboard function of ordering in waiting the data to be written / read.


Strengths of SSD hard drives computers are reading, especially reading random data that simply shatters the classic hard drive computers. The two Terra bytes HDD manages to beat SSD hard drives computes in two categories: sequential write and random writing large files. Once set on the writing the hard disks with platters are doing wonderfully. But for it to find where to write takes more than on an SSD. It is natural to be so. A hard disk works like a pick-up (for those old enough to have seen one) has a disk that rotates and an arm that moves on the disc and write or read data. If for example the HDD has data written in five different locations it needs to perform five mechanical arm lift maneuvers, search, read / write and then again, lifting, search, read / write, and so on. If it has to write / read many small files, it will spend more time with the movement of the arm than the writing / reading itself. But an SSD has no moving parts and accessing data is the speed at which the electrical impulse is transmitted through circuits.

Tips and comments

It should be remembered that the sequential read / write test while producing the highest value is the farthest from what happens on the hard drive computers normally when using the computer because it requires read / write data continuously. Most common scenarios of using a PC are running some applications that require random access to read / write small files. In other words, in most cases an SSD will be much faster and will be rare the occasions when it will be "beat" by the HDD. However you can eliminate the drawback of small writing a speed of an SSD using it only as a boot disk for Windows and for installing essential programs. Everything else goes on a common hard drive that is used as a secondary disk. You should buy a SSD because it helps you alot.

By Icarus, published at 02/17/2012
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