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The Best External Usb Hard Drive

Published at 02/16/2012 18:26:37


These days 1TB storage space is a common storage capacity for a hard drive usb. All producers have a hard drive usb with this average size and they think it is optimal for a modern storage unit, although at much higher prices, of course, you can find external hard drives usb with significantly higher capacities.

Step 1

A terrabyte of storage, such as that offered by Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex, should satisfy most users, as it can accommodate an incredible amount of photos, movies, music, various installation kits for programmers and anything else a common person tends to hold.

Step 2

An enthusiast or a professional photographer will, of course, have needs that exceed that terrabyte storage, but the average user who has the habit to sort files should be able to use a long time the same external hard drive usb. Perhaps one year would be a reasonable average value, even if you are a torrent enthusiast and you need a lot of space.

Step 3

External hard drives with one terrabyte offer many manufacturers but Seagate are different because the extraordinary capacity to upgrade connectivity. This allows the hard drive usb GoFlex to be connected in multiple ways. Its technology allows this hard drive usb to be connected with the ordinary USB 2.0 and the much faster USB 3.0, eSATA or FireWire 800, so if you have such connections available on your computer and have not been able to use them now, with Seagate GoFlex you will find out for what you paid that extra money for your motherboard and you will enjoy unprecedented data transfer speeds.

Step 4

GoFlex technology can make all these connections with special adapters that attach to the hard drive usb. This is a classic SATA connector, which makes it very easy to integrate in a computer case, if you choose to use only disk only for backup. The system is ultra-portable because of an adapter (test unit came with USB 3.0 adapter, but you can buy separate adapters for the connection type you want).

Step 5

The hard drive usb is fully compatible with USB 2.0 classic connections, so it can be used with any PC, and with Macs. Once you have chosen the preferred connection, you can purchase additional disk drives without the special adapter because you can use the adapter you already own.


Not only functionality is remarkable for this product. The hard drive usb design is sleek, compact and attractive, and adapters are perfectly matching the design line. The compact size gives a very good portability and if you take care that when you detach the adapter you will not force it in any way, you will be pleased with the device reliability.

Sources and Citations

Beyond the look and functionality, in the case of a portable hard drive usb, another key aspect is the transfer speed of which it is capable. When you test this using three test video files, a file format 4.3 GB mkv, avi file 700 Mb and another 350 Mb, you will find out that the results will be great.