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Top 3 Mini Laptop Computers


Laptop computers are well recognized because of the portability. The mini laptop is also known as mini notebook and netbook. Mostly, people concerns about which one will be the best for their use. So they are always looking for the one which has the best features.

Let’s have a significant look to the different features and components of top 3 mini computer laptop brands, which make them best to use.


Toshiba NB550D

Toshiba NB550D is well known by its powerful graphics performance. 10.1-inches screen. By look, it’s not an attractive mini laptop. By weight its 1.3kg and by dimensions it is 262 x 36 x 1900mm. The keyboard has springy keys that provides smoothness and feasibility on hard strokes. Numeric keypad is not separate. It’s available in Blue and copper colour (on buyer choices).

Dual core processor have up to 1GHz speed. It provides an external monitor support by speedily hook. Headphone jack is on board too. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet are integrated in it with SD card slot. It provides 250GB hard disk space and an integrated webcam.

The battery life is just 4 hours as it has superior graphics performance. It’s just fine in case of dual-core model. The plus point is, it supports lighter 3D graphics as this is something missing in most mini laptop computers.


Samsung NC110

It’s a first Samsung mini laptop which is considered as a successor. Samsung NC110 is an impressive laptop by looks, having white keyboard with isolated keys. Its available in wider range of colours. It is according to the standards of portability as its weight is 1.3kg and dimensional wise 259 x 34 x 180mm.

VGA output and headphone jack provides a connection to an external monitor or TV. Its graphic performance is frail and 3D graphics aren’t worth at all. Wireless, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity is about off. It provides 250GB hard disk. It has 10.1 inches screen and has a fine audio quality through speakers but through headphone you will experience advance level of quality. It has an impressive battery life time which top out at 4 hours and 52 minutes.


HP 2133 Mini-Laptop

It’s a stylish and high quality performance based mini laptop. It’s skin based on sleek aluminium. This came up with a notable 8.9 inches screen, having 1.27 kg weight. Its dimensions are 255 x 165 x 27mm. It easily fits in hand as it is 1.1 inches thick.

It is having C7-M processor-1.2GHz. It came up with 512MB of system memory and a 120 GB hard drive. It has an excellent audio quality as its stereo speakers are able to provide high definition Audio. It has immense keyboard as it have smooth keys to touch. Touchpad is a little slow in response time. It has a large touchpad with a turn off/on button.

There is a stereo microphone and stereo headphone jacks, equipped with a Bluetooth and a wireless networking with range of 105 feet. It has an external monitor plug-in port, a wired network connector and a port of SD card reader.

As we could see, each brand is somehow better than the other one by some means in the race of developing mini laptops. Aspire One D255 is of the best acer mini laptop computers currently available in the stores.

These are the best mini laptop computers based on reviews, and if you are looking to buy laptop mini computers you don't have to look any further.


By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/20/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (10 votes)
Top 3 Mini Laptop Computers. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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