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5 Tips To Laptop Replacement Battery

Published at 02/28/2012 20:42:19


A laptop battery is the fuel that powers the appliance, like gasoline is to an automobile. When the battery runs low, laptop owners can plug the machine into the nearest electrical outlet for power. However, laptops are designed for maximum mobility, and having to be plugged into an outlet, even while recharging the battery, is a major inconvenience to many users.

When the battery dies, this creates a whole new set of problems for laptop owners. Laptop batteries are not like rechargeable double-A and triple-A batteries; you won't find a replacement laptop battery hanging on the electronics aisle at the local supermarket or convenience store. In fact, PC manufacturers, such as Dell, HP and Toshiba might custom design batteries to fit only one or two laptop models. Also, these original equipment manufacturers may outsource battery production to third-party companies, such as Sony, which further complicates the battery replacement process.

If you need to replace you battery, there are at least three things you should consider during this sometimes confusing process.


Step 1

Visit the OEM's website to find a replacement battery to ensure you are getting the part that is specifically designed to work on your laptop. If you are able to carefully look at the battery compartment in the bottom of your laptop, you will see small slots and connectors that come in contact with the battery when it is fully inserted into the computer. If you mistakenly order the wrong battery, and attempt to insert this part into your laptop, you could damage those connectors. Even if you obtain the correct battery, it make not work because of these damaged connectors.

Most laptops have a standard warranty that is covered by the OEM, such as Toshiba and HP. If you order a genuine and official part from these companies they may cover the repair costs, parts and labor.


Step 2

Obtain a generic replacement laptop battery from familiar and reputable sources. Sometimes OEM's such as Dell and Lenovo no longer manufacture batteries on older laptops so your only option is to buy a generic battery from a third-party retailer. This is a fine option, but you have to ensure you are ordering and installing the correct replacement part.

A good resource for generic laptop replacement batteries is, or any other reputable online marketplace.

Step 3

Obtain a laptop replacement battery with a longer life. The average battery may last about 2 to 3 hours before needing a full recharge. Try to find  a battery that last for 5 to 7 hours. A larger capacity battery may last longer, over time, than the previous battery that went dead, because you are not constantly draining the battery out.


  • Recycle your dead laptop battery at a local electronics and computer recycling center.

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