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How To Install a Laptop Battery Replacement


Many laptop users take for granted that the rechargeable battery can hold a charge for about two to three hours. This means that people arent tethered to an electrical outlet for power supply purposes, unlike a desktop computer. After laptop owners allow the battery to recharge after being depleted, they are once again free to use the PC just about anywhere.

Unfortunately, rechargeable battery technology is not perfect. One of the most common issues that owners experience is that the battery is able to store less and less electrical charge. Instead of topping out at a "Full 100 percent" the battery is only able to charge up to 75 percent or some other percentage that is less than 100. This is obviously an inconvenience if you have been accustomed to being able to use the laptop for about three hours, and now you are reduced to using it for maybe less than two hours. Some users have experienced the battery suddenly being able to hold less than a 50 percent charge.

Battery replacement is the recommended course of action when the battery begins to perform so erroneously. You should not ever attempt to open the battery compartment casing, exposing yourself to the potentially hazardous elements on the inside. After you do obtain your replacement, you can follow a few simple steps to install the battery.

Step 1

Turn off your computer using the options in the operating system, before putting in your laptop battery replacement. The OS directly interacts with the battery to not only read its current power level, but to also gauge the overall health of the battery. When you install the new battery, you want to give the OS an opportunity to read the new piece of hardware.

Step 2

Close the lid on your laptop. Turn the laptop over to access the compartment that will hold the battery replacement.

Step 3

Remove the old battery. You may have to unlock or unlatch the battery before you can pull it out of the compartment. These same latches will hold the new laptop battery replacement in place. Be sure not to damage these mechanisms in trying to remove the old battery.

Step 4

Insert the laptop battery replacement. Lock it in place. Flip your laptop right side up.

Step 5

Open the lid. Power on the laptop and start the operating system. If you computer turns on, then you have successfully installed the laptop battery replacement.


Keep the older battery as a backup power supply, while you regularly use the laptop battery replacement unit.


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