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Toshiba Laptop With a Black Body

Published at 03/13/2012 11:45:19


Toshiba is a Japanese multinational company, they manufacture, electrical equipment, internet-based solutions and services, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, and household appliances. In this article we are going to talk about Toshiba laptops, more specifically the black laptop models offered by Toshiba.


Why you should buy Toshiba laptops? Toshiba is a reliable company; it responds to customers woes swiftly. Toshiba laptops are meant for long use; moreover they are quite sturdy and reliable. Issues cropping up with Toshiba laptops are resolved at the earliest. Since they have tie-ups with companies it help when it comes to making fast and safe delivery.

Why black? The colour black will never go out of style and the same applies for a black laptop. Regardless of the number people carrying laptops in bright colours and with images of swirls and flowers on them, a black laptop will continue to remain a classic piece and will never go out of fashion. A black laptop is a subtle way of letting people know about your personality, especially when so many around you are opting for unconventional colours nowadays. A black laptop symbolizes stability, reliability and maybe even calm and composure.


If you have your mind set on buying a Toshiba laptop, especially the black one, to make times easier for you here is a list of them.

Toshiba Satellite Pro C650-197: This black laptop offered by Toshiba, is a rather decent machine. It has a nice wide screen that is ideal for working, watching movies or playing late into the night or any time during the day.

Toshiba Portege R600: This beautiful, slender black laptop is light-weight and you would surely see that as an added advantage. Along with good looks, it performs wonderfully well too. It comes with 4GB of RAM and speed data storage through SSD.

Portege R600-149: A dual-core processor makes this black laptop ideal for business use, but it's the super light and thin chassis that blows you away. Definitely a winner in both looks and performance – a wonderful combination isn’t it.

Toshiba Satellite A660-18N: This laptop is ideal for home entertainment and comes with a very wide screen that is perfect for watching movies. Of course, this is a black laptop like all the others on this list.

Toshiba Satellite L630-13M: The Toshiba Satellite L630-13M is a great all-round machine. The solid, robust chassis looks good and is easy to transport, while the Pentium processor offers decent performance. Plenty of features add to the overall package, with almost no flaws in evidence.

Toshiba Satellite T235D-S1345: This is yet another black laptop by Toshiba. This 13- inch, solid, slim laptop is appreciated for its ultra-portable features and affordability. The best part about this laptop is the battery life – it is definitely very impressive.

Tips and comments

Though there are other slimmer and faster models being manufactured nowadays nothing comes closer to Toshiba laptops – for they are sleek, pretty, durable and affordable. It is these features that have made Toshiba laptops popular with the masses.


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