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How Many Ghz For a Gaming Laptop?

Published at 02/16/2012 02:26:35

Introduction to gaming laptops processors

Gaming is the passion of many people. There are most people that like playing games as their hobby. There are numerous gaming platforms where games can be played. The one most commonly used platform by people to play games is personal computer. Most of the people in the world play games on their PC. The recent development of laptops has replaced the use of desktop computers. The use of laptops for playing games is done by most people in the world. The laptops have become gaming platform because of their easy handling. The other gaming platforms such as Sony PlayStations and Microsoft Xbox are also used by many people. The one problem with these platforms is that they require LCD or other monitor to play the games. Laptops have advantage of having the screen fitted on them, so that they can be used to play games anywhere. However, it must be noted that there are certain requirement that laptop must have with its hardware configuration. The one such requirement is the ghz laptop processor. For playing games you need the laptop with better processing.

History of the computer processors:

The development of first microprocessor was done by Intel corporations in 1971. The name of the process was Intel 4004. It had cost of $200. There were many developments in the processing power of the computers and new processors were developed by the company. AMD released their first microprocessor in the year 1991 named AMD 386. There were many releases thereafter. Now the computer processors have been developed very much. Today people are using the processors having speed more than 3 GHz. The processors for laptops have great speeds too. You can find many processors today and the recent Intel processors are Core i processors having i3, i5 and i7 versions.

How many GHz for playing games on laptop?

The laptops have been developed very much. There are some laptop manufacturers that are making the laptops more than just portable computers. The recent developments in the laptops have made people get the best gaming experience too. There are some laptops having very high speed processors mainly for game playing. The 2.0+ ghz laptop processor is enough for playing almost all games having extreme graphics. There are many processors that are providing the speed above 2.0. Getting the 2.0+ ghz laptop processorwill be most effective for anyone who wants to play games on their laptops. There are many manufacturers that are producing specially designed laptops with high processing speeds. You can grab any one of such laptops from the market. You can also check out the game requirements that you want to play in your computer and according to that you can get the processor.

Tips to improve your laptop gaming performance:

There are some other things that are equally important than the processor speed. The 2.0+ ghz laptop processor will be good but if the RAM, graphics card and mother board are not up to date the processor alone cannot fulfill the requirements to play the games. So, you must upgrade these too.


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