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Laptop Cases Made From Natural Materials


Amongst the most common things today that cause a lot of environmental problems is the production of bags. A lot of people, especially vegans and environmentalist, find it extremely cruel to use animal skin to make bags and carry cases. You have probably seen people carrying leather or fur bags around campus or at office. With the growing use of laptops, the need for carry bags and laptop cases has grown significantly and not just for females. The men just as much need laptop cases for their carrying ease. The question is, how and what to buy? All bags and cloth made products may not involve eco-friendly methods. This however is a misconception.


You do not need to walk around with your laptop in a homemade bag which is highly unsafe for your laptop. There are plenty of options available for you. There are laptop cases that are made from natural materials and are very eco friendly and durable. They keep your laptop just as safe and make it easier for you to carry them. Your first alternative, are bags made out of hemp. You have probably heard this term before when you go to the farmers market, since they encourage you to carry groceries in hemp bags. Hemp is basically a plant grown for its seeds and fibers. Today, hemp is used for the production of many industrial products including paper, textile and plastic utensils. It is durable, reliable and very eco-friendly and has gained popularity in industries because of its renewability. Hence, this material is also used for making bags and clothes. Laptop bags are no exception. And they are not boring. You will find very attractive and stylish laptop cases made of Hemp like the Sativa hemp briefcase series. Sativa’s range of hemp laptop briefcases are very popular for eco-friendly users and are very spacious and useful.


Hemp is not the only laptop bag made from natural materials. The Chopstick Koo Bag is an eco-friendly bag made entirely out of stained bamboo chopsticks. The bag is lined with hemp material for the purpose of creating pockets and pouches for extra space. The flexible style of the bag makes it very comfortable to carry and adding it with the extra pocket space makes it a pretty useful carry bag. You can choose to use it for other purposes as well. You can also opt for a similar material but one that is much stronger. You can purchase laptop cases made entirely out of hard blocks of wood. If you Google them and find some pretty nifty designs and styles that look very cool. For example, a slim wooden laptop box with a lid top for sliding laptops in and out. Because of its sophisticated look it can also be a smart option for businessmen and students.

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A final option is laptop cases made of cork, the material that bottle stoppers are made of, although a cork sleeve is more recommended than a cork bag. All of these alternatives give you a wider and more eco-friendly way of living life without having to sacrifice style, affordability and safety.

By Amara, published at 02/16/2012
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Laptop Cases Made From Natural Materials. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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