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How To Make Your Own Bags For Laptop Cases

Published at 03/14/2012 20:20:05


So you are a web developer or maybe a writer or perhaps just a student. See something common in all the mentioned professions? Yes, you got it right: you will own a laptop. But well, you think you deserve to be different. you want all your possessions to be aligned with your personality and you want laptop cases bags tailored specifically to your needs. Well, you can make your own laptop cases bags. 

Step 1

first, you need to decide what you want exactly. Is it a laptop sleeve that you are looking for or is it a proper laptop case you want? Even among the laptop cases bags, you have a choice of extremely sophisticated and professional bag layouts or some very casual ones.

Step 2

Secondly, get ready to collect all the material that is going to be valuable for your making of the laptop cases bags. This will include things such as the fabric, some elastic, thread, wax, some high density foam, a strap or two to provide for the belting, parachute cloth for the inner side lining, sewing machine, needle, marker, pins and paper glue. Looks like a long list doesn't it? Once you put all these things together in your own signature way, you will see that it is all actually worth it.

Step 3

Next up is the design or the pattern you desire for your laptop cases bags. Use the wax paper to draw a rough sketch and outline of your laptop on it. Make sure you note the thickness as well as the sides of your laptop at the same time. Then fit it on your laptop to check if there need any amendments to be made.

Step 4

In the next step use the paper board to fit your outline. This will help make your laptop cases bags be stronger and will enable it to withstand more weight. Keep scissors in your hands so as to cut the paper board to your desired size.The laptop cases bags also need some foam in them so that the laptop can be well protected. So then cut the foam that you initially had. Follow the same procedure- wrap it around the laptop to check for the perfection of the size.

Step 5

After you have cut all the insider material, it is then time for you to cut the actual fabric that will cover the laptop cases bags. Keep a little margin by not cutting the cloth of exactly the same size of the laptop and then sew all the items together.

Once you are satisfied that all the materials have been attached appropriately, then put a trim on the laptop cases bags at the flap of the case. This can be any flashy material or maybe a leather cloth.


So, here it is: your very own laptop cases bags, specifically catered to your requirements and needs. You can now carry different laptop cases bags every day.


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