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How To Connect Your Pc To a Laptop


The usage of the laptops is increasing day by day. People prefer to use laptops as compared to the desktop computer. This is because the laptop has no issue with the portability, which a big problem in case of the pc. However, PCs are widely used in the offices and in the homes as well.Sometimes one may need to transfer the data from the laptop to the pc or vice versa. However there needs to be some channel through which the data can be travelled. For such a reason Pc must be connected to the laptops by using some mean.

Step 1

The following things may be considered for having a pc laptop connectivity.

  • For attaining a pc laptop connectivity, one may use the data transfer cables. By these cables laptops can be attached to the PCs.Howevere care should be taken in selecting the cables. Right and high quality cables must be used for this purpose. Because if the quality of the cable would not be good. Then one may face trouble in connectivity or the data may not transfer fast .To avoid this problem of pc laptop connectivity high quality of the data transfer cables must be assured. Cables must be inserted in the right slots. If the cables are not inserted in the right slots, then pc and laptop may not be connected.

Step 2

  • There are many soft ware’s which are used for creating a synchronization. Such soft ware’s may be helpful for the pc laptop connectivity. .

Step 3

By using the synchronization softwares,one can have an automatic access of data and the data can be assembled in a better way. Once the synchronization is developed in pc laptop connectivity, then data may be transferred easily

Step 4

  • For having a pc laptop connectivity, one can also use the Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth devices are usually integrated in the laptops, however Bluetooth devices seldom come with the PCs.In order to resolve this issue external Bluetooth devices can be used.

Step 5

Such external Bluetooth devices come up with the driver’s cd.Once the driver is installed, the Bluetooth device will search for other Bluetooth devices. It’s better to pair the Bluetooth devices in pc laptop connectivity. By doing this one may not need to adopt the connectivity procedure again and again.


  • There may be a problem that pc laptop connectivity is not possible due the different brands of pc and laptop. If the brands are different one can have a trouble in connecting the pc with laptop. Perhaps the laptop and pc may not connect or if connected, it may not support the full functionality of the pc laptop connectivity.


  • Pc laptop connectivity may also be achieved by using Landing this kind of pc laptop connectivity,server is made and one system is to be made a host the other system is to be made a guest. In this way by creating a server LAN card may be used to have pc laptop connectivity.

However, these are some of the points which can be considered for pc laptop connectivity. In case of further problems, one may also choose to contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting the problem.

By Eva Rosenberg, published at 02/21/2012
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How To Connect Your Pc To a Laptop. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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