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10 Amazing Tips For a Notebook Laptop Pc

Ways to make your laptop run faster

When your PC or laptop gets locked up, is slow or freezes up, it is quite natural that you will get frustrated. If you know how to optimize your device, all computer peripherals will be easily accessible to you. Given below are the 10 Amazing Tips for a Notebook Laptop PC.

Step 1

Begin with disk cleaning

There are several methods to clean the disk, but the best one is to click on the startup menu, choose all programs, accessories, system tools, then select disk cleanup. This command helps you to delete all temporary offline files, internet files, recycle bin and other kinds of unwanted files in your Notebook Laptop Pc.

Step 2

Delete Cookies

You can also go to control, select internet tools and delete history and cookies. This helps you in getting additional storage capacity and speed to your Notebook Laptop Pc.

Disk Defragment

You can access this option with the same commands used for disk cleaning, but instead of disk cleaning choose disk defragmenter. There will be different programs that help you to set a time for the application. It can take some minutes or hours based on the amount of work to be completed. 

Step 3

Anti Virus Applications

Spyware and malware are considered the largest offenders that make your Notebook Laptop Pc to slow down. Install and run an anti-virus or anti-malware application regularly to make a big difference in the working speed of your device.

Adjust performance

Access the control panel and check it with your power management. Choose power management and then Best or maximum performance. This helps to get maximum speed even though you are using battery pack instead of being plugged in Notebook Laptop Pc.

Step 4

Delete unwanted programs

Select control panel, choose add or remove programs and delete all programs that you are not using. This helps you to keep your Notebook Laptop Pc in a systematic manner which in turn increases the speed and efficiency of the system.


Step 5

Check your system’s memory usage

It is recommended that you check the memory level of your laptop or PC regularly. Sometimes devices may need more random access memory to have more storage space. This is another good tip among the 10 Amazing Tips for a Notebook Laptop Pc.

Make use of registry repair software

Take the advantages of registry repair or software cleaner program. There are several quality applications to select from. These will detect and repair issues within the registry.

Avoid excess usage of animations

Usage of excess animation with new Notebook Laptop Pc using Windows Vista can slow down the system. Turn off the program by selecting the control panel, system and maintenance, performance information and tools, and then advanced tools. Then choose ‘adjust the appearance and performance of windows’. You can find a performance options box. Choose custom and uncheck animate windows when minimizing and maximizing.

Make use of external hard drive

Keep an external hard drive to store all photos, games and music. This can be unplugged and employed with many computers to save space that worth.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 03/07/2012
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10 Amazing Tips For a Notebook Laptop Pc. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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